Chicago O’Hare Airport Lost and Found—How To Contact Them in Case of Item Loss?

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Contact the Chicago O’Hare Airport Lost and Found Without Difficulties

The Chicago O’Hare Airport is one of the busiest airports in the U.S., so it’s no wonder that people often lose valuable items there. Whether you left your wallet at the security checkpoint or lost your phone while boarding the flight, the only way to find the missing object is to contact the appropriate airport department.

Making countless phone calls or sending a bunch of emails is difficult and time-consuming. For this reason, we prepared a guide to contacting the Chicago O’Hare Airport Lost and Found without direct communication or hours spent in phone queues! , and we will show you how to track your lost luggage or any other object more easily.

What Should You Do if You Lose an Object at the Chicago O’Hare Airport?

If you realize that one of your valuable items is missing, the first step is to report the loss. Here’s what the entire reporting process looks like:

  1. Try to recall the exact place where you may have left the item in question. It will help you determine which airport department or office you should reach out to. If you don’t know the exact location where you lost the object, it’s best to get in touch with all available associated departments
  2. Use the appropriate communication channel to get in touch with the specific department
  3. Provide as many details about the object as possible, including its size, color, specific marks, and visible flaws
  4. Wait for the representative to check the collection of found items or disclose your contact details so that they can call/email you when they have more info

What Department Should You Reach Out To?

Here’s how to find the adequate department to which you will direct your report:

  • If you know you have left the object in an aircraft, at a ticket counter, or a gate area, you must contact the specific airline
  • If the item was lost at a TSA security checkpoint, you should reach out to the TSA Lost and Found office
  • For tracing the objects lost at an airport parking lot or any other public area within the airport, you should get in touch with the Chicago Police Department
  • The item lost in an airport restaurant must be reported to the Food Services
  • The belongings you have left on the airport transit system should be reported to the O’Hare Airport Transit System office

Valuable Chicago O’Hare Airport Contact Details

The table below lists all communication channels you can use to report lost items depending on the specific situation:

DepartmentContact Info
Particular airlineFind the contact details of all airlines operating in this area on the official website of the Chicago O’Hare airport
TSA Lost and Found office
Chicago Police DepartmentPhone number: (773) 686-2385
Food ServicesPhone number: (773) 377-7804
O’Hare Airport Transit SystemPhone number: (773) 601-1817

Track Your Lost Belongings More Quickly With DoNotPay

Even with all available contact details, reaching the desired office at the airport may be difficult and involve a lot of waiting and transferred calls. If you want to find what you lost without getting in touch with the company directly, DoNotPay is the way to go!

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