How To Get Help With Contacting the Cleveland Airport Lost and Found

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Tips and Tricks for Reaching the Cleveland Airport Lost and Found

The storage area at the Cleveland Airport Lost and Found department counts thousands of items—including clothes, jewelry, wallets, tablets, and cell phones. This collection grows with each passing day as dozens of people forget valuables around the airport area or in planes.

Reclaiming your missing belongings can seem difficult since you may need to wait in a phone line for an hour or more to reach customer support. Luckily, if you , you can simplify the process and report lost items without direct contact with the airport officers. Check out this article and find out how to do it with minimal hassle!

Submitting a Lost Item Report to the Cleveland Hopkins Lost and Found

The Lost and Found office at the Cleveland Airport proposes three ways to report the missing object:

  • Phone
  • Online form
  • In person

How To Inform the Lost and Found About the Loss via Phone

To report the lost item over the phone, dial (216) 265-0777 and explain what you have left at the airport and the exact location where it happened if possible. If you provide a thorough description of the object, it may be easier for the representative to locate it in the storage area. The operator will get your contact details and contact you once they have an update.

How To Inform the Lost and Found About the Loss Online

To file an online report form, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the airport’s website
  2. Hit Contact
  3. Find the Lost and Found section and click on Contact Us Here
  4. Provide your home address and contact details
  5. Disclose the info related to the incident and describe the item
  6. Click on Submit

How To Inform the Lost and Found About the Loss in Person

You can also visit the department and file a missing object report in person. The office is located at the central information desk on the ticketing level.

How Can You Pick Up the Item Found at the Cleveland Airport?

If the Cleveland Airport Lost and Found office or any other department in charge finds your missing item in their storage area, you can claim it by:

  • Visiting the office in person to pick it up—you must set an appointment with the office staff in advance
  • Arranging with the department to ship it to your home address

Where Else Can the Items You Lost at the Cleveland Airport Go?

Besides the Cleveland Airport Lost and Found department, you can search for your missing object in:

  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Lost and Found Office—It’s the first place where you should check for the items lost at the security checkpoints. You can reach it by calling (216) 362-4231
  • Storage space of the airline you flew with

Here’s a list of all airlines that use the services of the Cleveland Hopkins Airport:

Air CarrierPhone Number
Allegiant(702) 505-8888
Air Canada(888) 247-2265
American Airlines(800) 433-7300
Delta(800) 221-1212
Frontier(801) 401-9000
JetBlue(800) 538-2583
Southwest(800) 435-9792
Sun Country Airlines(651) 905-2737
Spirit(855) 728-3555
United(800) 864-8331

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