What Is LugLess? Is It Legitimate and Safe to Use?

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What Is Lugless? All You Need to Know Before You Sign Up!

Nothing is more fun than hopping on a plane and jetting away to someplace fabulous. With the world finally starting to open up, more and more travelers are returning to their regularly scheduled programming, booking flights to various destinations worldwide. Whether you are planning a flight for business or pleasure, you are probably ready to start exploring the skies once again - and are interested in a way to make your travels a bit smoother.

If you've heard the buzz and are wondering, "?" you've come to the right place. This guide will help you understand what LugLess is, what it costs, and how using a luggage delivery system can simplify your life.

After reading DoNotPay's breakdown of luggage-less travel, you won't have to ask "" anymore!

What Is LugLess?

A few things seem inevitable when traveling via airplane - the unpredictability of fellow passengers, the random nature of airplane snacks, and the hassle of having to tote around heavy luggage. Whether you opt to check your bags or carry on, you will have to deal with certain inconveniences. LugLess is a company that offers the option to expedite your travel by having your luggage shipped to your destination.

According to the LugLess website, to use the service, you must first order and attach special shipping labels to the luggage that you wish to ship. Then, you can take your bags to either UPS or FedEx with the shipping labels correctly in place. After dropping your luggage off, you can track it via the LugLess app. Once you arrive at your destination, you will be reunited with your luggage.

How Much Does LugLess Cost?

The price for utilizing LugLess depends on various factors:

  • Size. The size and weight of your luggage will affect the overall price of using LugLess.
  • Speed. When filling out the information for your shipping label, you will have to specify how fast you need your luggage shipped. Generally, the quicker your luggage needs to arrive at a specific destination, the more LugLess will cost.
  • Distance. Finally, a factor affecting the price of using LugLess is the distance your luggage will need to travel. If you are making a short trip to a neighboring state, you probably won't spend a lot on the service - but if you are traveling across the country, you can bet that LugLess will cost more.

According to the LugLess support and price guide, pricing starts at around $15 per bag. LugLess can offer the rates they do because they partner with local shipping agencies such as UPS and FedEx - so those partnerships generally translate to a more reasonable price for you.

However, the only way to determine what you will pay to ship your luggage through LugLess is to go through the company's website and plug in your travel information. You may get in touch with LugLess through the following should you need more information:

LugLess Help CenterFAQs
Carrier Support for shipping-related questions about drop-off, pickup, transit, and deliveryFedEx: 1 (800) 463-3339

UPS: 1 (800) 742-5877

Phone, chat, and email support for trips booked with LugLessSign in or refer to your booking confirmation email for details on how to get in touch with support.
LugLess General Inquiries: Available during normal business hoursEmail

Hesitant to try LugLess? Read some feedback on their service from the Reddit community:

What Are the Benefits of Traveling Without Your Luggage?

The idea behind LugLess is a good one — after all, many travelers know firsthand how difficult it can be to struggle with heavy baggage during their trip.

Here are three reasons why you should choose to travel luggage-free:

  1. Save time by skipping baggage claims. Using a luggage delivery service saves you from having to wrangle your carry-on luggage into an overhead bin, making it easy to get on the plane and rest easy.
  2. Expedite your time at the airport. Running down the tarmac with a heavy bag is stressful and makes for a less-enjoyable traveling experience. When you have your luggage delivered, you can focus on enjoying your trip.
  3. Prevent Injury. Slinging a heavy bag can be hard on the body - and if you suffer from any chronic condition, it can be tough to carry your bags through the airport.

Travel Without Worries Using DoNotPay’s Luggage Delivery

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