Tired of Waiting? When Do FedEx Packages Arrive—Answered

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When Do FedEx Packages Arrive? Get All the Info

If you’ve been enjoying some retail therapy online, you probably can’t wait to get ahold of your purchased items. When do FedEx packages arrive? Get the lowdown on the expected delivery times and ways to track your shipment.

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What Time Do Fedex Packages Arrive?

FedEx offers the following package shipping options:

  1. Same-day delivery
  2. Next-business-day delivery
  3. Two- or three-business-day delivery
  4. Ground delivery options

Depending on which shipping type is available to you when you’re shopping or which one the sender has chosen, the delivery times will differ. Check the table below to see when you can expect your FedEx package:

Package Delivery ServiceDetails
Same-day delivery
  • FedEx SameDay—cross-country delivery within hours
  • FedEx SameDay City—cross-city delivery within hours
Next-business-day delivery
  • FedEx First Overnight—first thing the next business day morning
  • FedEx Priority Overnight—next business day morning
  • FedEx Standard Overnight—next business day afternoon
Two- or three-business-day delivery
  • FedEx 2Day a.m.—two business days in the morning
  • FedEx 2Day—two business days
  • FedEx Express Saver—three business days
Ground delivery options
  • Business delivery via ground—FedEx Ground: one to seven business days, depending on the distance to the destination
  • Residential delivery via ground
  1. FedEx Home Delivery—one to seven business days
  2. FedEx Ground Economy—usually two to seven business days for low-weight parcels

Typically, FedEx delivers from Monday to Saturday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Track Your Shipment—FedEx, When Will My Package Arrive?

If you’re not sure when your package should arrive or where it is, you can track it. FedEx offers a few options.

Track Your Package Online

Here’s how to go about checking your delivery status online:

  1. Visit the FedEx website
  2. Tap on Track
  3. Type in your tracking ID, door tag number, or office order number
  4. Click on Track again

In case you purchased an item, you can also track it on the website of the selling company, such as eBay or Amazon.

Track Your Package in the FedEx App

To find out where your package is, you can do the following:

  1. Download the FedEx mobile app
  2. Enter your tracking number or scan your door tag barcode

Track Your Package via Text

For the delivery status of your package, you may send a text message with the word follow and your door tag number.

Track Your Package by Calling

If you prefer to check where your package is via phone, you should follow these steps:

  1. Dial 1-800-463-3339 (1-800-GoFedEx)
  2. Say track my package
  3. Follow the prompts

What Does Your FedEx Delivery Status Mean?

Depending on what your tracking status is, there are different routes you can take next. Check the table below for an overview of the potential delivery statuses:

Tracking StatusMeaning
In transitYour package is on its way to you. It may be in transport at the moment or at a FedEx facility
Out for deliveryA package handler scanned your package and prepared it for loading onto a FedEx truck for delivery
No scheduled delivery date at this timeFedEx may not have your package yet. Another reason for this status is encountering a delay or an exception in handling the parcel, so an accurate date is unavailable
Scheduled delivery is pendingThere is a delay, but the FedEx staff is handling it to deliver your parcel as soon as possible
Delivery exceptionA delivery exception signifies an unexpected situation that is causing a delay. The situation can include:
  • Customs delay
  • Holiday closure
  • Missing documentation

If you’ve been checking your tracking number for some time and you see no change, it doesn’t mean your package isn’t moving. While FedEx usually updates the delivery statuses every day, sometimes the update can take even longer than 24h, especially for long-distance shipments.

FedEx Missed the Deadline—What Can You Do?

You’ve found out when to expect your shipment and checked the tracking status, but your package is nowhere to be found? The parcel may be late or lost.

What you can do is contact FedEx and find out what’s going on. You can do so by:

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