Where Is My Amazon Package? Find Out Now!

Late Delivery Refunds Where Is My Amazon Package? Find Out Now!

Where Is My Amazon Package, and How Can I Find It?

Ordering an item from Amazon and waiting for it to arrive is always exciting, but it can be a mood killer if the delivery is late or missing. If the question ‘where is my Amazon package’ is on your mind, you needn’t worry because DoNotPay has your back!

We will teach you what to do and how to get a refund in minutes!

Reasons Why Your Amazon Package Might Be Missing

If you’re waiting for a missing Amazon package, you should familiarize yourself with the procedure and some reasons for the potential delay before you take the next step. We’ve made a list containing some of the possible causes:

Reasons Details
Address is incorrect If you’ve mistakenly entered the wrong address, your Amazon package might have been shipped to the wrong address. Double-check your delivery information to prevent this from happening and to avoid extra shipping fees
Problems in transport The label could get damaged during the sorting process, which might result in a failed delivery
Location is insecure If your location is facing bad weather, the courier won’t deliver the package for security reasons
P.O. box is too small Your package might not fit the P.O. box, so the courier will have to return it
Delivery was refused A neighbor or someone residing in your home might have refused the package
Reseller is late If you have ordered an item from a third-party seller, your delivery might be late because it wasn’t issued by Amazon. You will have to contact the seller in that case by going to the Order Detail page and clicking on the Contact Seller button
Natural disasters If you live in an area that was hit by a natural disaster recently, you can expect to receive your package two or three days after the estimated delivery date
Pandemic The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Amazon to start prioritizing the shipping of necessary items. Medical supplies and household items are a top priority

How To See Where Your Amazon Package Is

Before taking any further actions, such as filing a complaint or contacting Amazon, you should try tracking your package first. To do so, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account
  2. Select Returns & Orders
  3. Check the status of your latest order
  4. Click on Track package and see where your package is located

If you can’t locate your Amazon package or if it says delivered but it’s still missing, it’s time to take the next step.

What To Do if You Can’t Locate Your Missing Amazon Package

You’ve tried tracking your package, but you were unable to find it—now what? We’ve listed a few options for you to solve your problem:

  • Wait a little longer because the courier might bring your missing package later on during the day
  • Check your P.O. box
  • Ask your neighbors as they might have received the package in your name
  • Contact the third-party seller if you didn’t order directly from Amazon:
    1. Go to Your Orders
    2. Find your order on the list
    3. Choose Problem with order
    4. Select your topic from the displayed list
    5. Click on Contact seller
  • Contact Amazon directly
  • File a claim
  • Sign up for DoNotPay and request a refund in a matter of minutes

Ask Amazon Where Your Package Is

You have two options of asking Amazon where your missing package is:

  • Dial 00 1 206-922-0880 and explain your problem to Amazon’s customer support
  • Go to the Amazon website and use the chatbot to explain the issue

Can I Get a Refund for My Missing Package?

To get a refund from Amazon on your own, you will have to wait three days after the estimated delivery date. If the three days have already passed, here’s how you can ask for a refund:

  1. Go to Your Orders
  2. Locate your order
  3. Select Problem with order
  4. Select Request refund
  5. Type in your problem in the text box
  6. Hit Submit

Use DoNotPay and Request a Refund for the Missing Item Efficiently

There’s no need for you to go through the tedious process of tracking your package, contacting customer support, and filing a delivery complaint on your own when DoNotPay can do it for you.

With our app, you’ll be able to file a complaint and get a refund in just a few clicks. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Choose our Late Delivery Refund product
  3. Choose the courier
  4. Provide us with the necessary shipment details

After you’ve completed these steps, DoNotPay will file and send the claim to Amazon in a snap.

You can also use our AI-powered app to:

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