Find University of Washington Scholarships Easily and Quickly

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How To Find and Apply for University of Washington Scholarships

There are numerous scholarships and grants for University of Washington students. You just need to find the ones that you are eligible for and apply.

We have prepared this guide to help you pin down and apply for all the University of Washington scholarships without wasting time.

Types of Scholarships at the University of Washington

UW offers different scholarship opportunities depending on the campus where you are studying—University of Washington-Seattle scholarships are not the same as those offered to students on Bothell or Tacoma campuses.

These are the types of scholarships meant for undergraduate students:

  1. Out-of-state scholarships
  2. Resident freshman scholarships
  3. Transfer scholarships
  4. Academic departments scholarships
  5. Campus specific scholarships

University of Washington Out-of-State Scholarships

Although most scholarships at the university are open to Washington state residents, a few are available for out-of-state students. Here are some examples:

  • The Purple and Gold Scholarship—This merit-based program assists students who plan to attend the UW Seattle campus
  • UW Honors Program

Resident Freshman Scholarships

The following scholarships are available to freshmen who are Washington state residents:

  • Presidential Scholarship—a $10,000 award renewable every year. Washington state residents are considered automatically for this award upon application for admission
  • UW Diversity Scholarship—$10,000 per academic year for students with good grades and strong financial need. This program is for applicants from underserved communities, such as minority students, first-generation college students, foster youth, etc.
  • WSGC Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen—awarded to students pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math majors

Transfer Scholarships

Community college transfer students can benefit from the following programs:

  • Martin Family Foundation Scholarship programs—open to students attending UW’s Seattle campus
  • The Next Step Scholarship—for students transferring to UW’s Tacoma campus
  • Transfer Priority Scholarship—open to students attending UW’s Tacoma campus
  • WSGC Community College Transfer Scholarships

Academic Departments Scholarships

Both resident and non-resident students may qualify for scholarships offered by different UW academic departments. These programs can be merit- and need-based.

You should check open opportunities and submit your application to the relevant department, such as:

Campus-Specific Scholarships

Below are some of the general scholarships open to all students on their respective campuses. All students are considered automatically for the UW Seattle scholarships listed here based on their FAFSA applications—no separate application is required.

UW CampusScholarships
University of Washington Tacoma scholarships
  • UW Tacoma General Scholarship
  • Dressel Scholars Program
UW Bothell scholarships
  • UW Bothell Alumni Scholarship
  • Richard C. and Lois M. Worthington Endowed Scholarship
UW Seattle scholarships
  • Academic Scholarships
  • UW Undergraduate Academic Excellence Awards

The Army ROTC Tuition Scholarship and UW Army ROTC Housing Scholarship are open to all undergraduates enrolled full-time and taking ROTC Military Science majors.

University of Washington Grants

Grants are awarded by various institutions and federal and state governments. They differ from scholarships since grants are primarily need-based, while scholarships tend to be merit-based. Grants are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The following are undergraduate grants:

Undergraduate GrantExplanation
Federal Pell GrantsEligibility for this federal grant depends on the FAFSA
Federal Supplemental GrantsBeing eligible for the Pell Grant is the primary criterion for awarding these as well
Washington College GrantsBeing a Washington state resident with a financial need makes you eligible for this grant
Tuition Exemption and University GrantsBeing enrolled in a state-funded program is the primary criterion for securing the grant

Grants for graduate students and professional grants include:

  • Graduate Tuition Exemption and Graduate University Grant programs—available for graduate students enrolled in state-funded programs
  • TEACH Grant

Note that this list is not exhaustive—you should check with your graduate school and the academic department for other grants available to you. Out-of-state students can also check the state-supported programs in their respective states.

How To Find University of Washington Scholarships

Here are some of the strategies you can use to find scholarships:

  • Visit the university’s financial aid office on your campus or your academic department
  • Visit the Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards, if you are already enrolled at the UW
  • Consult your high school counselor
  • Search online to find outside scholarships
  • Check out the resources of your state’s education agency
  • File the FAFSA to get federal opportunities

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How To Apply for University of Washington Scholarships

The University of Washington automatically considers freshmen for certain scholarships based on their application for admission. This is the case with the University of Washington Purple and Gold Scholarship, for example.

In other cases, the university uses FAFSA to award scholarships. The general application process for University of Washington scholarships requires you to do the following:

  1. Apply for admission
  2. Complete the FAFSA or WAFSA by January 15th for the next academic year—use the UW code—003798—for any campus
  3. Check your UW email and MyUW account frequently from spring to summer and accept the award
  4. Submit any additional documents as requested

For most external scholarships, you will need to check application steps carefully and possibly submit:

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