The University of Utah Application Fee Explained

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Obtaining the University of Utah Application Fee Waiver—A Step-By-Step Guide

Going off to college is an exciting event in everyone’s life. It is not something that affects only future students, but their whole families. A person needs to prepare well for all that is coming, from researching different schools and collecting all necessary information to adding up all the required tuition costs and fees.

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What Is a College Application Fee Waiver?

A college application fee waiver request is a form that you need to fill out and submit if you would like to apply to a university free of charge. You can submit a waiver request on your own or with the help of your counselor or another school or community official. The official should verify that college fees will put you under a financial strain, which is the reason for a college to grant you a free application.

Most universities base their fee waiver decisions on common eligibility criteria regarding your finances. This college application fee waiver process may seem complicated.

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The University of Utah Application Fee

The University of Utah evaluates freshman applications using a holistic approach. Various criteria, such as an applicant’s GPA and course rigor, play an important role. This institution does not require ACT or SAT scores and letters of recommendation.

The University has an acceptance rate of 62%. Half of their applicants are admitted with a GPA of 3.46–3.93, an SAT score of 1142–1382, and an ACT one of 22–29. The application deadline is April 1, and the fee is $55 and non-refundable.

Do You Qualify for an Automatic College Application Fee Waiver?

If you have obtained an SAT or ACT fee waiver, you are eligible for most college application fee waivers. In this case, you will get college fee waivers together with your SAT or ACT score.

If not, a university you have applied to will review your fee waiver request when you file it. In most cases, they use the same general eligibility criteria.

Who Can Get the University of Utah Fee Waiver?

You will qualify for the University of Utah application fee waiver in one of the following cases:

You have:You are:Your family(‘s):Other:

  • Eligible for a Federal Pell Grant
  • Allowed to participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program (FRPL)
  • Taking part in a federal, state, or local program helping students from low-income families
  • An orphan, a ward of the state, or homeless
  • Annual income meets the Income Eligibility Guidelines
  • Gets public assistance
  • Will be under excessive financial burden due to the application fee
  • Residing in a foster home or federally subsidized public housing
  • Veteran's Administration or Vocational Rehabilitation bears some or all your educational expenses

Your family’s income is within the Income Eligibility Guidelines set by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service if it meets the following criteria (applicable in most U.S. states):

Number of Family MembersAnnual Family Income

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Can DoNotPay Help You Submit the University of Utah Application Fee Waiver?

Our app can help you file the University of Utah application fee waiver in no time. As we understand how overwhelming the whole process can be, we have simplified and automated it.

You only need to take the following steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in a
  2. Click on College Application Fee Waiver
  3. Select which fee you want to waive—new student, transfer student, or enrollment deposit
  4. Choose the University of Utah and answer a few questions about your financial circumstances
  5. Indicate if you would like to obtain an official's signature

After you have completed these steps, DoNotPay will automatically submit the form and send it to the indicated official for a signature (if required) or directly to the University of Utah.

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How To Get the University of Utah Application Fee Waiver by Yourself?

If you are a freshman and would like to request the University of Utah application fee waiver on your own, you should submit one of the following forms and documents:

  • A copy of your SAT or ACT fee waiver
  • Completed and signed NACAC Freshman Fee Waiver Form
  • An official letter printed on letterhead from a school counselor, ecclesiastical leader, or employer attesting to your financial circumstances
  • Proof of government aid such as:
    • Food stamps
    • Eligibility for reduced-price school lunches
    • Enrollment in a low-income assistance program like TRIO or Upward Bound

Non-freshman applicants should file the completed and signed NACAC Transfer Fee Waiver Form. The applicants who are not eligible for Pell Grant need to submit the following supporting documentation:

  • A formal letter printed on letterhead from a school counselor, employer, or ecclesiastical leader attesting to your financial circumstances
  • Valid proof of government aid, such as food stamps or participation in a low-income assistance program like TRIO or Upward Bound

You should submit the above-mentioned documentation in person or via:

  1. Fax at 801-585-7864
  2. Email at
  3. UMail account
  4. Mail at:

Office of Admissions

201 S. 1460 E. Room 250 S

Salt Lake City, UT 84112

When you submit your documentation, you can check the status of your application fee using an application tracker.

Once your application fee is waived, you will indicate that in your application process via the Common App.

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