Paid Clinical Trials Utah Explained

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How To Find and Apply for Paid Clinical Trials in Utah

A lot of clinical studies or trials offer compensation to the volunteers. Students make the majority of participants, at least when it comes to observational studies, because of financial gain.

You can learn more about the clinical trial definition in general and how to enroll in any clinical trial fast and easy with DoNotPay. In this article, we will explain everything you should know about paid clinical trials in Utah and why you should participate.

Medical Testing for Money in Utah—Paid Clinical Trials Explained

While observational studies designed for healthy, young individuals pay the most, it’s not uncommon to find a treatment clinical trial that also offers a decent reimbursement.

The amount that volunteers get depends on the budget of a clinical study as well as the type of drug that participants test, trial duration, side-effects, etc.

Clinical trial phases also influence the price—the highest compensation is paid at the beginning of a trial, which means for phases 0 and I because there’s a greater risk of severe side-effects and a smaller number of participants.

It’s possible to earn thousands of dollars in a single clinical trial, but those trials usually have strict criteria and can be super challenging to enroll in.

Are All Clinical Trials Paid?

Not all clinical trials or studies are paid. Even when volunteers don’t get compensation, the researchers might cover the travel expenses.

Sometimes, instead of being paid in cash, you’ll be offered gift cards, vouchers, travel allowances, and more. Medical surveys are usually paid the least.

Finding the Newest Clinical Trials in Utah Is Easy With DoNotPay

Whether you want to participate in clinical trials for a certain illness or paid medical trials for healthy volunteers, DoNotPay offers the most convenient way to enroll. DoNotPay includes different types of clinical trials, as well as medical surveys and university studies.

Utah has many institutes that conduct clinical trials, and most of them pay the volunteers, so finding them shouldn’t be a challenge, especially with DoNotPay. To find clinical trials you could be interested in and apply for them hassle-free, follow these steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Go to Clinical Trials
  3. Specify your preferences about:
    • Compensation
    • Location
    • Type of study, etc.
  4. Select the study or trial you like
  5. Click on the Contact Now button

DoNotPay will send the application to the researchers on your behalf, which can increase your chances of enrollment.

Advantages of Relying on DoNotPay

All DoNotPay users stay in the loop regarding the newest trials and studies since we regularly update our database. You can even set up text message notifications to be informed as soon as there’s a clinical trial in your area. This ensures you’re one of the first volunteers to apply.

Regardless of your age, location, or health condition, you’ll be able to find a trial you can participate in because DoNotPay’s database is extensive and inclusive.

These are some other perks of finding clinical trials near you with DoNotPay:

  • You can apply for an unlimited number of clinical trials
  • It’s possible to change your filters and preferences whenever you want
  • You’ll keep full compensation for the paid trials
  • You can bookmark the studies or trials you’re interested in
  • DoNotPay lists all trials you applied for on your homepage
  • You can organize the trials you enrolled in based on compensation, distance, etc.

Why Should I Participate in Paid Clinical Trials in Utah?

Enrolling in a clinical trial or paid medical study in Utah can be a fantastic opportunity to earn significant amounts of money.

You should also enroll if you suffer from an illness and are interested in finding the best possible drug or drug combination. You’ll help with medical research and potentially bring science one step closer to finding an efficient drug with fewer side-effects.

If you decide to participate in treatment trials and you live in Utah, you should consider applying for a clinical trial in that area because of the potential side-effects. Some drugs could make you sleepy and affect your ability to drive. That’s why it’s better if you participate in clinical trials close to your home.

Alternative Ways To Find Utah Paid Clinical Trials

These are other options you have for finding clinical trials in Utah:

PRA Health Sciences

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on Find a Study in the Our Studies tab
  3. Set up the filters on the left side of the dashboard
  4. Click on Apply Now next to the trial you’re interested in
  5. Complete the application form


  1. Visit the website
  2. Select Patients
  3. Type in medical condition and your preferred location
  4. Click on search and select a study or trial you’re interested in

University of Utah Health

  1. Visit the website
  2. Scroll down and select the section that says Is There a Clinical Trial I Can Join
  3. Search for a trial by:
    1. Titles
    2. Specialty or
    3. Keyword
  4. Select a trial from the list

What To Keep in Mind When Applying for Paid Medical Studies and Clinical Trials in Utah

While it can be tempting to enroll in a clinical study that offers super high compensation, you shouldn’t ignore the side-effects.

If you’re opting to earn as much money as possible, apply for phase 0 or I of a trial, but you should aim for phase II–IV if you prefer lower risk. The final phase is the safest one because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has to approve the drug before phase IV. Because of that, the compensation will probably be lower.

Read the protocol of each trial carefully to determine whether it’s the right choice for you. You should also be mindful when signing the contract because you’ll have the opportunity to read everything about the potential side-effects and decide if the risk is too high.

Paid clinical trials are everyone’s preference but don’t avoid participating in trials that don’t offer compensation because these can be useful for science and help thousands of people who suffer from a certain illness.

DoNotPay Offers Other Practical Features

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