How To Find Unclaimed Money in Utah

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Find Unclaimed Money in Utah With DoNotPay’s Help

Millions of dollars are turned over to Utah state authorities every year as unclaimed money. The Utah State Treasury receives these funds from various sources:

  • Unclaimed insurance checks
  • Dormant bank accounts
  • Old stock certificates
  • Safety deposit boxes

The money remains in state custody until the rightful owners claim it. If you believe that you might have unclaimed insurance or money from deceased relatives sitting around in the Utah State Treasury, you can use DoNotPay to find and claim it. Our Missing Money feature can search through an extensive database of unclaimed funds and help you make your claim.

Why Is There Unclaimed Money in Utah?

Most people wouldn’t leave any money lying around if they could use it. As connected as we are in today’s world, there are few ways to contact someone you don’t know. Businesses and insurance companies can’t always find the person they’re supposed to compensate. If an individual changed their contact information or moved to another state, the business has few methods to contact them or transfer funds to their account.

Money can go missing due to the death of account holders. If an individual has passed and they haven’t created a will, the property in their estate will remain unclaimed. Family members of the deceased may claim the lost property if they provide relevant proof of familial relationship.

How Do I Find Unclaimed Money in Utah?

The federal government doesn’t make it simple to find money that belongs to you. There’s no centralized database that can help you narrow down a search. If you suspect that there’s money in the treasury that you could claim, you have to check the Utah state government website and hope that they can find the funds that belong to you. Here’s how you can check for unclaimed funds on your own:

  1. Go to the official Utah website for unclaimed property and funds
  2. Click on Search Unclaimed Properties, located under the Claiming Property tab
  3. Enter your last name or the name of your business in the text box on the right side of the page
  4. Input your city and zip code to narrow down the search
  5. Click on Claim next to the property that you think belongs to you and then press View Claimed Properties
  6. Select your relationship with the claimant from the text box and press File Claim
  7. Input your contact information, Social Security number, and other relevant information
  8. Press Next

Verify the information you submitted in the Claim Summary before filing your claim. The Utah State Treasury will investigate your claim and notify you once they’ve concluded the investigation. Write down the claim’s ID so that you can later monitor its progress. You can check your claim’s status on the Check the Status of a Claim page.

Here’s an overview of reliable channels you can use to claim property in Utah:

Can I Claim Property WithYes/No
The Utah Official Unclaimed Property WebsiteYes
Phone CallNo

Use DoNotPay To Find and Claim Utah Unclaimed Money and Property

DoNotPay provides users with a simple and straightforward way to claim lost money. Our app will search through various databases in all 50 U.S. states to find any unclaimed money that belongs to you. Unlike the Utah official unclaimed money website, we don’t even need your Social Security number to search for it. You can access DoNotPay from your and start looking for unclaimed property in Utah immediately. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Missing Money tab in DoNotPay
  2. Input your personal information, such as your middle name and previous addresses, to help narrow down our search
  3. Take a look at our list of results, and press Claim My Property if you believe you’re entitled to an asset

DoNotPay will get to work and file a claim for lost property on your behalf. Our search engine encompasses various federal and state databases, so there’s little chance that we won’t find any unclaimed property that belongs to you. We’ll take care of the grunt work as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to.

Why Don’t People Claim Lost Money in Utah?

There are many reasons why someone might not have claimed money that belongs to them:

  • They don’t know it exists
  • They are aware but don’t know how or where to claim it
  • Claiming the property can be a complicated process

Many aren’t sure that claiming the money is worth it. If they have to jump through hoops and fill out too much paperwork, they’ll reconsider filing a claim. DoNotPay can jump in and help make the process a piece of cake. We’ll file the claim on your behalf and make sure that the money can reach you as soon as possible.

How Can I Avoid Unclaimed Money Scams?

Scammers are present in any situation that involves money. They use the promise of unclaimed property to trick individuals into giving them money or personal info. They use two methods that you should be careful to avoid:

  1. Using unclaimed property claims to keep you on the phone
  2. Getting you to claim nonexistent property and provide your information

Unclaimed Property Phone Scams

The method scammers use for this scheme is simple:

  1. They send you an email alleging that you have unclaimed property that belongs to you
  2. You receive a phone number, which contains a three-digit area code, but isn’t based in the U.S.
  3. You call the number, which acts as a 900 line and charges you per minute
  4. The scammers try to keep you on hold for as long as possible to maximize their profits
  5. You only figure it out once the phone bill arrives

Don’t trust any email that suggests you have unclaimed property. Contact the Utah State Treasury or use DoNotPay to verify whether you can claim property or money.

Unclaimed Property Fee and Identity Theft Scams

When you try to claim property in Utah, the government requests your Social Security number, but it doesn’t ask for a fee. Scammers take advantage of people who aren’t aware of the process. Here’s how the scam works:

  1. They call you with a pitch to send you unclaimed money
  2. You’re required to send your personal information, SSN, and a small fee
  3. They use your information to commit identity theft

To avoid these types of scams, you should distrust anyone that calls to inform you about unclaimed property. Use search engines like DoNotPay or check the Utah Treasury website to check on your own.

DoNotPay Can Handle Other Day-to-Day Nuisances

DoNotPay has experience with finding unclaimed property all across the U.S. Our app will scour multiple databases to see if you can claim money in Michigan, New York, Texas, California, or any other state. If you believe that a deceased relative’s insurance payout is out there, we’ll make sure to find it and make it easy for you to claim.

Bringing you closer to unclaimed property is only one of the many features DoNotPay offers.

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