An Easy-Breezy Way To Perform a Rue21 Gift Card Balance Check

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Rue21 Gift Card Balance Check Made Easy

A rue21 gift card is a perfect present for anyone who wants to look and feel like they’re 21. If you own and use a rue21 gift card, you need to check the balance regularly so you can decide what to do with the remaining amount on time.

In this article, DoNotPay will present the most practical ways to perform a rue21 gift card balance check. We will also show you how and under what circumstances you can redeem the leftover funds on your used gift card in cash!

What Should I Know About My Rue21 Gift Card?

If you’ve got your rue21 gift card as a present, you may not be familiar with its main characteristics. Having all the facts straight will help you decide if you should keep using the card or move on. Here’s what you should know about your rue21 gift card—it can be:

  • Bought online and in-store
  • Used in all U.S.-based stores
  • Loaded with the following amounts:
    • Up to $250 for in-store cards
    • Between $20 and $250 for online-bought cards
  • Applied to online and in-store purchases
  • Used anytime since its value never expires
  • Replaced if lost or stolen, provided you:
    • Present proof of purchase
    • Have some remaining balance on the card

Rue21 gift cards are not without limitations. Your rue21 gift card cannot be:

How To Check Your Rue21 Gift Card Balance

You can check your rue21 gift card balance using these three methods:

  1. Online—You need to access the store’s official website and:
    1. Enter your card number in the required field (the number has 19 digits and can be found at the back of your gift card)
    2. Type in your card’s PIN
    3. Check the box to prove you’re not a robot
    4. Hit Continue
  2. By phone—You can dial 1-800-351-9431 and provide your card details to the operator, after which they’ll inform you about your gift card balance
  3. With DoNotPay and choose the Check Gift Card Balance feature. After you upload photos of your gift card (front and back) and confirm your email address, DoNotPay will reach out to rue21 on your behalf. We’ll inform you about your remaining gift card balance in no time

What Should I Do if the Balance on My Rue21 Gift Card Is Low?

If you have only a couple of dollars on your rue21 gift card, you have far better options than letting that money go to waste. You can try the following:

  1. Assessing if you have enough cash to make one more purchase—You can buy a small item that the remaining amount will cover and clear out the card
  2. Using additional methods of payment—Rue21 stores allow you to cover part of the purchase price with another payment method if the cost exceeds your gift card balance
  3. Combining multiple cards—You can redeem multiple gift cards to make a purchase and use each card as an additional payment method. Note that you can’t use more than three gift cards at the same time for one online purchase
  4. Asking the store to give you the remaining balance in cash—If you live in one of the states with a gift card cash back policy, you can present your case to the store employees and ask for the remaining money
  5. Subscribing to DoNotPay—You can skip the complications and let our app get the remaining funds from your gift card in cash within minutes

DoNotPay Will Get Your Gift Card Money Back Smoothly

Have you decided to get the leftover balance on your used gift card in cash? Going through the process alone might be complicated since you’ll have to:

  1. Research your state laws to see if you’re eligible (typically, the amount on your card mustn’t exceed $5 in most states or $10 in California)
  2. Explain your rights to the confused rue21 employees
  3. Follow a time-consuming procedure of sending the cash back request yourself

Bear in mind that if you don’t live in a state with a gift card cash back policy, you’ll have no choice but to call it quits.

DoNotPay will make sure you get the gift card cash back wherever you are if you:

  1. Select the Gift Card Cash Back product
  2. Provide information about your gift card and your state of residence

We will check your state’s cash back policy immediately. If there isn’t one, we will immediately locate a rue21 store in one of the gift card cash back states and send your request there!

You can expect to get cash or a check via mail within 14 business days.

Do you own any free gift cards? Our app will help you get the remaining cash from those and numerous other companies’ gift cards, including:

What if I Have More Than a Couple of Bucks on My Rue21 Gift Card?

Your rue21 gift card balance check may show that you have a considerable amount left. If you’re not keen on using the card anymore, you can take one of the suggestions from the table below:

Selling the cardYou can turn your gift card into cash by selling it online or at a kiosk. Bear in mind that you probably won’t be able to sell it for its full value
Exchanging the card for another from a different retailerYou can trade your card for another one of similar value. Make sure to research the websites dedicated to gift card exchanges and find the most reliable one
Giving the gift card awayIf you have a friend or family member who likes buying clothes at rue21, you can give them the gift card. It’s still a better option than letting the card sit in your drawer unused

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