Notary in Wichita, KS, Is a Few Clicks Away

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Book a Notary in Wichita, KS, Without Breaking a Sweat!

Finding a notary in Wichita, KS, on short notice can be difficult. We step in with a neat step-by-step guide to scheduling a meeting with a remote notary in a snap!

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Where To Find a Notary in Wichita, KS

Locating a notary by yourself can get confusing, so we’ll show you the easiest way to find one:

On Specialized WebsitesIn Public Places
Go to the following websites, enter your ZIP code, and start the search: Visit the following places to get notary services:

What Can a Notary in Wichita, KS, Do?

A notary is an independent official appointed by the government to prevent fraud and forgery by performing the following tasks:

  1. Witnessing the signing of documents
  2. Verifying the signer’s identity
  3. Administering oaths and acknowledgments
  4. Certifying copies of documents

Notaries in Wichita, Kansas, can notarize a variety of , financial, and business documents. Check out the table below to see the specific documents a Wichita notary can notarize:

DocumentsFinancial DocumentsBusiness Documents
  • Court documents
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Advanced directives
  • Affidavits
  • Custody and guardianship agreements
  • Executorships
  • Mortgage closing documents
  • Property deeds
  • Loan documents
  • Commercial leases
  • Memorandums of understanding
  • Employment contracts
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Construction and loan agreements
  • Vendor contracts

Notaries aren’t allowed to notarize certain documents, such as birth, death, and marriage certificates or photographs.

Notary in Wichita, KS—Standard In-Person Notarization

If you want to visit a notary in person, these are the steps you have to take:

  1. Locating a notary—Use online registries or visit public places that offer notary services
  2. Inquiring about fees—Get familiar with notary fees to avoid any unpleasant surprises
  3. Scheduling a meeting—Call a notary and make an appointment at a convenient time to avoid canceling because it sometimes entails cancellation fees
  4. Gathering your documents—Prepare all the documents you want to get notarized to avoid rescheduling
  5. Finding your ID—Bring your ID, passport, or driver’s license to prove your identity since notaries can’t conduct the procedure without verifying your identity
  6. Showing up in person at the agreed time—Visit the notary. Don’t send anyone else to bring the documents on your behalf because a signer must be present. No one can act as a middleman in the process
  7. Signing the documents—Pay applicable fees and sign the documents while the notary observes
  8. Finalizing the procedure—Let the notary provide their signature and add an official stamp to your documents, verifying that the process was carried out according to adequate protocols

Notary in Wichita, KS—Types

You can avoid visiting a notary at their office if you choose the following notarization methods:

  1. Mobile notarization
  2. Online notarization

Mobile Notarization

Schedule an appointment with a mobile notary and meet them at a location you pick. It can be your home, office, or any other venue. They will notarize your documents on the spot.

Note that mobile notaries charge more for their service because of the travel fees, so if you’re looking for an affordable option, online notarization would be a better choice.

Online Notarization

Using an online service saves you from visiting a notary in person and allows you to schedule your appointment in minutes! Forget about wasting hours on outdated procedures and get your documents notarized from the comfort of your couch.

A remote notary handles the entire notarization via a video call and adds their digital stamp and signature!

DoNotPay Helps You Get Documents Notarized Stress-Free!

With DoNotPay, you can book a remote notary appointment in a matter of minutes! We can assist you regardless of your location in the U.S. If your state doesn’t allow online notarization, we’ll connect you to an out-of-state notary, and they will notarize your documents easy-peasy.

and follow these simple instructions to book your meeting:

  1. Choose the Notarize Any Document feature
  2. Submit your documents and provide your email address

DoNotPay sends a link to a notary timetable by email. You can choose a convenient date and set up your meeting right away!

Our online notary service is also available 24/7, so if you need to get a document notarized after-hours, we got you!

Besides helping you notarize documents, DoNotPay can also assist you in creating them! Our app uses the info you provide to generate documents in your stead. We can draft the following agreements for you:

Business AgreementsOther Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • General Business Contract
  • LLC Operating Rules Document
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Bill of Sale
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Intent To Purchase Real Estate
  • Parenting Plan (Child Custody)
  • Residential Lease Agreement
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Quitclaim Deed
  • General Affidavit
  • Promissory Note
  • Estoppel Certificate

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