How To Avoid Visiting a Notary Public in Mobile, AL

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Book an Online Meeting With a Notary Public in Mobile, AL, ASAP!

There are several ways to get documents notarized in Alabama, but choosing the most suitable one cuts down the required effort to a minimum. In case you are unable to go to the notary’s office, one of the solutions is to have the notary come to your home or place of work. It isn’t the only option, though.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to meet a notary public in Mobile, AL, to have your paperwork notarized— offers an easier solution!

Duties of a Notary Public in Mobile, AL

An Alabama notary is a public official that the state government appoints to detect and prevent potential fraud by witnessing the signing of documents and verifying the signers’ identities. The Code of Alabama states that notaries public can perform the following notarial acts:

  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Taking acknowledgments and proofs of conveyances
  • Issuing protests
  • Exercising other notarial powers according to the state’s laws

A notary public in Alabama is required to:

  1. Make sure the signer is of sound mind and know what they’re signing
  2. Ensure the signer is signing the document willingly
  3. Witness the signing
  4. Create a notarial certificate that should include:
    • The signer’s name
    • Date and place of the notarial act
    • Notary’s seal and signature

How High Are Notary Fees in Mobile, Alabama?

How much you’ll have to pay to get documents notarized in Mobile depends on the notary service you choose. In 2012, the State of Alabama set a notary fee limit of $5 per notarized signature and each notarial act.

If you opt for the mobile notary service, you should prepare to pay more—mobile notaries can charge an additional fee to compensate for travel expenses. The state does not set limits on those types of fees.

Who Can Perform Notarization in Alabama?

Before choosing a notary public in Alabama, you should learn about all available options and opt for the most suitable one. Check the following table for clarification:

Notary Type


Standard notary serviceGetting your documents notarized the standard way includes finding a notary, setting up a meeting, going to the notary’s office, and waiting for the notary to perform the notarization
Mobile notary serviceWhen you’re unable to go to the notary’s office, a mobile notary public will come to your home, work, or other appointed location
Electronic notary serviceIf you have paperwork in electronic form, you can choose an electronic notary. eNotarization works on similar principles as standard notarization, except for the seal and signatures, which have to be in electronic form. For this type of notary service, you still have to go to the notary’s office
Online notary serviceWith online notary services, you can arrange a virtual meeting with a notary and get documents notarized from afar by using audio-video communication tools. Remote online notarization (RON) is not approved in all the states—luckily, in Alabama, it is!

to schedule a meeting with an online notary hassle-free

Notary signing agentsA notary signing agent is a notary public who specializes in handling loan documents

DoNotPay Can Get You a Virtual Appointment With a Notary Public in Mobile, AL, in a Flash

Getting a document notarized—be it will, contract, affidavit, or another formal document—is not as complicated as it used to be, thanks to online notarization. The popularity of online notaries is increasing, and there are more and more online notary apps every day. How do you pick the one that is effective, easy to use, but is also budget-friendly? It’s not impossible—DoNotPay offers all of that!

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We can all agree that dealing with paperwork is a nightmare! That’s why we’re trying to make it easier for you—we’ve integrated our products to help you with various paperwork-related issues in one place and for the same price.

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