No Need To Visit a Notary Public in Laredo, TX

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A Guide to Getting Documents Notarized Without Paying a Visit to a Notary Public in Laredo, TX

If you find in-person notarization unnecessarily complicated and time-wasting, you are not alone! Barging into a notary’s office is not an option. You have to prepare first by finding a notary and scheduling a meeting, and that’s not even half of it. It is good to have in mind that you can get documents notarized online with zero hassle.

To learn how documents are notarized without a notary public in Laredo, TX, !

Which Documents Should You Get Notarized?

Getting documents notarized helps to reinforce their validity. Here are the most common documents that should have a notary’s signature:

  • Deeds
  • Wills, including living wills
  • Contracts
  • Personal statements
  • Affidavits
  • Loan and credit paperwork
  • Declarations of guardianship
  • Important photocopies
  • Government forms
  • Adoption papers
  • Property ownership transfer documents
  • Pension and retirement documents

What To Expect From a Notary Public in Laredo, TX

A notary public in Laredo, Texas, has to witness the signing of a document and confirm the signer’s identity. Besides that, Laredo notaries can:

  • Administer oaths
  • Take acknowledgments
  • Certify photocopies of documents
  • Take depositions
  • Protest instruments according to the law

To make sure no coercion or fraudulent activities are going on, a notary has to check whether you:

  1. Are mentally stable
  2. Know what you are signing
  3. Are under the influence of alcohol or other substances

How To Get Documents Notarized in Texas

Certain situations or document types require the use of non-traditional notarization methods. The following table contains a brief overview of all the notary types you can find in Texas:

Type of Notary


Standard notaryThe traditional in-person notarization requires:
  1. Finding a notary
  2. Making an appointment
  3. Gathering documents that need to get notarized
  4. Showing up to the notary’s office for the scheduled appointment with an ID
  5. Signing the document in the notary’s presence
  6. Waiting for the notary to seal and sign the document and create the notary’s certificate
Mobile notaryMobile notaries provide out-of-office notary services. The way they work is that you first agree on the location where the notary comes to perform notarization. You can agree to meet at your home, work, restaurant, library, airport, or any other appropriate place. Because of the travel expenses, mobile notaries charge more than the regular notaries
Electronic notaryHaving to get electronic documents notarized is not a problem any longer. Notaries public are enabled to perform eNotarization with electronic stamps and signatures. Other rules and requirements of the traditional notarization usually apply. That includes the rule that the signer has to visit the notary’s office to have an electronic document notarized
Online notaryThe easiest way to get paperwork notarized is, without a doubt, with an online notary. Texas is one of the first states to approve the use of remote online notarization (RON), which is now gaining popularity due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Online notarization allows the signers to get documents notarized from home using online notary platforms and audio-video telecommunication technologies

Forget About In-Person Notarization—Use DoNotPay To Connect With an Online Notary Fast

The notarization process is stressful for most people. DoNotPay understands this and other downsides of the traditional notarization—that is why we created the Notarize Any Document service. Our practical feature helps you find an online notary and schedule an appointment within minutes!

To use our convenient and time-efficient service, you should:

  1. Open the Notarize Any Document product
  2. Upload the contract or other document that needs notarizing
  3. Enter your email address

Once you complete this procedure, we will send a link to your email with the instructions on confirming the details of the appointment with an online notary.

The fast and simple process is not the only reason why DoNotPay is the best online notary app. We found a way to improve your paperwork-related experience by merging the notarization product with our other services, such as Online Fax and . This way, you can draw up, fax, and get documents notarized using just one app.

Some of the documents we can draft for you include:

  • Bill of Sale
  • General Affidavit
  • Promissory Note
  • Lease Agreement
  • Quitclaim Deed
  • Estoppel Certificate
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • General Business Contract
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Child Care Authorization Form
  • Child Custody Agreement
  • Intent To Purchase Real Estate
  • Independent Contractor Agreement

How Much Do Texas Notaries Public Charge for Notarization?

Notary fees vary from state to state and are usually set by the state’s government. Take a look at the table below to see how much you’ll have to pay for each notarial act in Texas:

Notarial Act

Maximum Fee
Administering an oath or affirmation—including the certificate of seal$6
Taking an acknowledgment or proof$6 for the first signature plus $1 for each additional signature
Issuing a copy of a record or document staying in the notary’s office50 cents for a page
Taking a deposition—including the oath, seal, and certificate$6 plus 50 cents per 100 words

Issuing a notice of protest for:

    • Non-acceptance
    • Non-payment
    • Register
    • Seal
Providing a certificate under seal$6
Carrying out other notarial acts$6

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