How To Book a Notary in Palo Alto Online

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Need a Notary in Palo Alto? DoNotPay Helps You Book One!

To get a document—such as a will, affidavit, or power of attorney—notarized in Palo Alto, you need to know your options. The notarization process doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. DoNotPay will explain where to find a notary in Palo Alto and how to get any document notarized without trouble!

What Does the Notarization Process in Palo Alto Entail?

Notaries are public officials appointed to verify signatures on documents. Take a look at the table below for a more detailed description of the notarization process in Palo Alto, California:

How Notarization Works in California


You make a personal appearanceThe signer and the notary must be physically present during the document signing
The official reviews the documentThe notary has to check whether the document:
  • Contains blank spaces
  • Includes information important for the journal entry, such as the document title
  • Has a proper signature date
Notary identifies the signerThe signer has to prove his or her identity by:
  • Showing a government-issued ID to the notary
  • Providing credible identifying witnesses

The notary will also ask a series of questions to determine the signer’s mental state, awareness, and willingness to sign the document

Notary public makes a journal entryThe notary will complete the journal with information about the document and its notarization
Notary provides the notarial certificateThe certificate has to contain the signer’s and notary’s signatures and a notary seal

How Can I Get My Documents Notarized in Palo Alto?

You can get your documents notarized in Palo Alto by visiting a notary in your area. If you choose this method, you have to find a local notary service, schedule an appointment, and head to his or her office.

The problem with this traditional method is that most notaries public have busy schedules and work strictly during business hours. Waiting for days or weeks for an appointment can become an issue when you need to get a document notarized urgently.

Another downside of choosing a traditional, in-office notary is that if you fail to meet the requirements (forget your ID or sign the document in advance), you will have to repeat the process.

A more convenient option would be to hire a mobile notary. Mobile notaries have more flexible working hours. They will visit you at the agreed time and place and notarize your documents instantly. Bear in mind that mobile notaries charge for travel expenses in addition to the regular notarization fee.

Where Can I Find a Notary Public in Palo Alto?

You can google “notary in Palo Alto” or access one of the online databases. The notary search websites are handy because they contain notaries’ contact information and, sometimes, even customer reviews.

Check out some of the most reliable websites for locating notaries in Palo Alto:

You can also contact local businesses and institutions. Take a look at the places that may have a notary on site:

  • AAA stores
  • Banks
  • UPS stores
  • Colleges and universities
  • Insurance agencies
  • Tax preparation firms
  • Libraries
  • Photocopy shops
  • Lawyer’s offices

Is It Possible To Get Documents Notarized Online in Palo Alto?

California doesn’t allow its notaries to perform online notarizations. The state recommends hiring mobile notary services during the pandemic instead. This doesn’t mean you cannot book an appointment with an online notary.

You can find a notary from another state to notarize your document online. The out-of-state online notary will:

  1. Meet you during a video call
  2. Verify your identification documents online
  3. Witness you e-signing the document
  4. Provide an electronic signature and stamp
  5. Make a recording of the session

Get Your Documents Notarized Online With DoNotPay

Online notarization is by far the most practical method of all. You can get your document notarized from the comfort of your home, saving time and money. DoNotPay facilitates the process by connecting you to an out-of-state online notary.

You only have to visit our app in a web browser and:

  1. Find the Notarize Any Document product
  2. Upload the document you want to get notarized
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Click on the link you get from us

The link will take you to a webpage where you can schedule an appointment with the online notary at any time convenient for you. The notary will notarize your document on a video call and send it back in record time.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do for Me?

Our app has many additional perks. By subscribing to DoNotPay, you can:

  1. Create various business, real estate, and other documents
  2. Notarize any contract or agreement
  3. Fax your docs to any recipient

Check out which documents DoNotPay can generate on your behalf:

  • Child custody
  • Independent contractor agreement
  • Quitclaim deed
  • LLC operating rules document
  • General business contract
  • Promissory note
  • Intent to purchase real estate
  • Bill of sale
  • Child care authorization form
  • Residential lease agreement
  • Estoppel certificate
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • General affidavit
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Non-compete agreement

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