How To Fax Your Documents Without Hassle

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Fax Your Documents Online the Easy Way

While people today fax less frequently, they still have to do it sometimes. If you need to send a classified document or the agency you are dealing with has outdated transferring equipment, learning how to fax is your best option.

Luckily, the process is not difficult. Technology provides us with some practical ways of faxing documents. DoNotPay will explain various faxing methods and help you access the easiest one.

How To Send a Fax

Faxing involves the transfer of a scanned printed document via a telephone number connected to a printer or another output device. The old way of faxing documents involved a phone line, fax machine, and a lengthy procedure, but today, other methods are available.

Use the descriptions below to decide which method is the most convenient for you:

  • Fax machine
  • Computer
  • Tablet or phone

How To Fax a Document Using a Fax Machine

If you own a fax machine, here is a step-by-step guide to faxing your documents this way:

  1. Set up your fax machine—make sure it is plugged in and connected to your landline phone
  2. Adjust the settings—turn the confirmation page setting on, set up a fax heading, and choose a receiver mode
  3. Gather documents—use originals for a better resolution and cover the first page with a cover sheet containing the recipient’s information
  4. Put the documents in the machine—use a paper feeder rather than a flatbed screen if you are sending multiple copies
  5. Enter the number and press send—don’t forget to use the area code and country code
  6. Wait for the confirmation message—look for the confirmation message on the screen

How To Fax From a Computer

Faxing via computers is considered a more advanced and practical method. Here is a detailed guide on how to use it:

  1. Choose a program—use software from your computer if you can connect it to your phone line. Otherwise, use an app, or fax it via Microsoft Outlook
  2. Open the program and create a new fax—choose an option that says Create a New Fax or something similar
  3. Attach documents—scan or take a picture of the document and upload it to your computer
  4. Type in your name and a message—use the required field
  5. Click Send

Sending a Document via Phone or Tablet

If you are always on the go, faxing your documents over the phone or tablet is the right option for you. Take a look at the required steps:

  1. Access an app—some will provide you with a temporary fax number
  2. Choose the document—upload it from your device or the cloud or take a picture and attach it
  3. Provide the fax number and a message—type in the information in the required field
  4. Hit Send

Benefits of Sending a Fax Over the Internet

Online faxing is a faster and more practical way to transmit your files.

It enables you to fax to multiple numbers at the same time and access all transmitted files upon receiving them, which adds to the convenience.

When deciding on your online faxing options, it is best to skip the Windows Fax and Scan software altogether. It requires a dial-up fax modem, which is an outdated method.

Faxing without a phone line is the way to go! There are various fax services and apps that can transfer your documents via the internet in the blink of an eye. The trick is to choose the most reliable but also most affordable one—that is where DoNotPay comes in!

Why You Should Fax With DoNotPay

offers an easy method of faxing your documents. While most other apps are expensive, we ensure great service at a low price. You will be able to:

  • Send 100 pages per month
  • Fax documents automatically from any digital device
  • Fax quickly with the snap of a photo (or upload files normally)
  • View faxes from your email thanks to easy email integration

Our app provides a few useful perks as well. Integration of our fax feature with a documents feature allows you to generate a contract, fax it, and send it within minutes! Our photo snap option enables you to take pictures of checks and bills and pay without using a scanner.

How To Send a Fax With DoNotPay

The easiest way to fax is DoNotPay. To fax a document with DoNotPay, all you need to do is:

  1. Access our app from your
  2. Locate the DoNotPay Fax feature
  3. Upload or snap a photo of the document
  4. Enter the receiving fax number in the required field

After you do this, you need only wait for the confirmation that the file has reached its destination—our app does the rest.

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