Is Visiting a Notary in Palmdale, CA, Your Only Option?

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Reach Out to a Notary in Palmdale, CA, in a Trice

While many allow online notarization, California isn’t one of them. If you live in Palmdale, CA, you can visit a local notary’s office, hire a mobile notary, or find an out-of-state online notary to complete the notarization.

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Which Documents Can a Notary in Palmdale Notarize?

Notaries in Palmdale can notarize any document, contract, or agreement. While a notary’s signature is not necessary to make a document legally valid, it adds to its legality. If contract signers end up in a dispute, a notarized document proves that:

  1. The signers are who they claim they are
  2. Signatures on the document are authentic
  3. Signers were mentally stable during the signing and aware of the document’s content

Some documents are not acceptable in courts, banks, etc., without the notary’s signature. Documents that have to be notarized include:

What Can I Expect From a Notary in Palmdale?

Regardless of the method you choose, a notary has to fulfill their service according to the law. Skipping any of the required steps constitutes notary misconduct, which is punishable by law. To perform a lawful notarization, a notary in Palmdale will do the following:

  1. Confirm your identity using one of two methods:
    • Asking for your ID
    • Checking the IDs of credible witnesses that are vouching for you
  2. Determine your mental state and awareness by:
    • Asking open-ended questions
    • Observing your behavior and making a commonsense judgment
  3. Check if the document:
    • Contains any blank spaces or missing pages
    • Has a notary certificate
    • Contains the name of the document
    • Has a signature date that coincides with the notarization date
  4. Complete the notary journal with:
    • Date and time of the notarization
    • Type of ID used for identification
    • Signatures of involved parties
    • Fee charged
    • Document and notarization type

If a notary finds that not all criteria have been met or that the signers exhibit suspicious behavior, they will refuse to notarize the document.

Where Can I Find a Notary Public in Palmdale?

Notaries public in Palmdale are fairly easy to locate. You can search for a notary in one of two ways:

  1. Checking out local businesses, such as large banks, UPS stores, real estate agencies, or courthouses—They typically have an in-house notary, but you must call them first to confirm
  2. Visiting one of notary search websites, including Yelp,, or American Association of Notaries—You have to type in your location and adjust the filters to access the notaries’ contact information

Different Notarization Methods in Palmdale Explained

If you are uncertain about which notarization method to choose, check out the table below for a more detailed description of each:

Traditional NotaryMobile NotaryOut-of-State Online Notary
To obtain the services of a regular notary, you must:
  1. Schedule an appointment
  2. Collect the documents and bring an ID
  3. Visit the notary at the agreed time
  4. Complete the process in his or her office
Hiring a mobile notary requires you to:
  1. Book an appointment
  2. Meet with the mobile notary at a suitable place, including:
    1. Your home
    2. Hotel
    3. Office
    4. Somewhere outdoors
  3. Have the document notarized at the agreed location
If you want to get documents notarized by an out-of-state online notary, you should:
  1. Set up a meeting
  2. Meet with the notary on a video call at the agreed time
  3. E-sign the document
  4. Have the document notarized with an electronic signature and stamp

Regular notaries are often overbooked and rarely work outside of standard business hours. You will likely have trouble setting up an appointment. If you make any mistake, such as sign the document in advance, you will have to repeat the whole ordeal.

Mobile notaries have a more flexible schedule and often work on weekends. Since they will travel to meet with you anywhere, you can expect them to charge you heavily for it. California doesn’t put caps on mobile notaries’ travel fees, so you may end up paying a considerable sum.

Out-of-state online notary services allow you to schedule an appointment at any time since they are available 24/7. You won’t have to jeopardize your health during the COVID-19 pandemic or pay for mobile notary’s travel expenses. All you need is an internet connection, a digital device, and to set you up with an appointment!

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