Can You Book an Online Notary in Manhattan Beach?

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Should You Look for a Notary in Manhattan Beach?

A notary in Manhattan Beach can notarize documents strictly in person, which leaves you with limited options.

For those not thrilled with this concept, there is an alternative in the form of out-of-state online notary services. In this article, we will explain what constitutes notarization under California law and why getting your documents notarized online is the best choice!

What Does the Notarization Process Involve?

Notaries public have a crucial role during the signing of documents. Their job is to verify the signatures on contracts and other documents and vouch for their authenticity.

Every state has its rules regarding notarization. In California, a secretary of state oversees the licensing of notaries and determines requirements for the documents.

During the notarization process, notaries have to:

  1. Check your ID—You have to prove your identity as a signer
  2. Assess your mental state—A person mustn’t be intoxicated, unaware of the document’s content, or coerced into signing. If a notary suspects any of that, he or she should refuse to notarize the document
  3. Revise the document—Notaries must decline to notarize a document containing blank spaces or missing pages. You should check for any irregularities before taking the document to the notary
  4. Witness the signing—You must sign the document in the notary’s presence. If you sign it beforehand, the notary may refuse to notarize or ask you to sign it again
  5. Notarize the document—A notary completes the process with a signature and stamp if everything is in order
  6. Make an entry in the notary journal—Notaries in California have to keep a journal of every notarization. The entry must specify the date and time of the notarization, ID used for identification, type of notarized document, the fee charged, and signatures of involved parties

What Are Notaries in Manhattan Beach Authorized To Do?

Besides notarizing wills, affidavits, , and other documents, notaries in Manhattan Beach can:

  • Take acknowledgments
  • Administer oaths
  • Certify copies
  • Protest notes or bills of exchange
  • Take depositions and statutory declarations
  • Provide notices of foreign drafts

How Much Do Notaries in Manhattan Beach Charge?

California law has put a cap on how much state notaries can charge. Take a look at the maximum fees for some of notaries’ public standard services in the table below:

Notary Public’s ServicesMaximum Fees
Taking an acknowledgment, proof of a deed, or any other instrument$15 for each signature, including the seal and writing of the certificate
Executing a jurat$15 for each signature, including the seal
Certifying a power of attorney$15 for each copy
Taking a deposition$30 for each deposition

Why Is In-Person Notarization in Manhattan Beach Impractical?

The traditional method of getting your documents notarized in Manhattan Beach, CA, is time-consuming and outdated. You have to find a local notary, schedule an appointment, and head down to the notary’s public office yourself.

Notaries public can often be found in banks, UPS stores, AAA offices, and tax preparation firms. They operate during standard business hours and are typically overbooked. That means that you will have to wait for days or even weeks for an opening. If you don’t bring an ID, forget to check the document for blank spaces, or make any other mistake, you will likely have to repeat the process.

Another way is to hire a mobile notary to visit you. They are available on the weekends and can accommodate your schedule. The downside is the price. On top of the notarization fee, they charge for travel expenses. Since California doesn’t put a cap on mobile notaries’ travel fees, you could end up paying a significant amount.

Why Is Hiring an Out-of-State Online Notary the Best Option?

Hiring an online notary is the most efficient way to get any document notarized. Online notarization is not only practical but also more secure. Take a look at some of the greatest advantages of online notarization:

  • Being able to schedule an appointment at any time convenient for you
  • Meeting the notary on a video call via any digital device
  • Completing the notarization in record time
  • Finishing the whole process from the comfort of your home
  • Ensuring the maximum protection of your document by getting it notarized with an encrypted electronic signature, stamp, and seal

If online notarization sounds appealing, ! We can help you connect to an out-of-state online notary with a few simple clicks!

How Can DoNotPay Connect Me to an Out-of-State Online Notary?

and skip the tedious in-person notarization! All you have to do to get your document notarized online with DoNotPay is:

  1. Find the Notarize Any Document product
  2. Upload the contract you’d like to get notarized
  3. Enter your email address

After you receive a link from us, click on it and confirm the appointment with the out-of-state online notary. Next, you will have a chance to:

  1. Meet with the out-of-state online notary on a video call
  2. Prove your identity online
  3. E-sign the document
  4. Download and print the document after the notary completes the notarization process

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