Where Can You Find a Notary in Cupertino?

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Here’s How To Find a Notary in Cupertino Without Hassle

Notarizing documents is a frequent but dull part of a contemporary lifestyle. Whether you need to notarize an affidavit, a bill of sale, or a consent form for child travel, you will need to do it by taking your document and your ID to a notary public.

You can find no shortage of notary services in Cupertino, California—but which ones are actually worth employing?

DoNotPay can help you filter through the many notaries in Cupertino to find the one nearest to you and show you how to set up a meeting with a notary in no time!

What Kind of Notarial Acts Do Notaries Perform?

Notaries public offer a lot of services to their customers. When it comes to authenticating documents, a notary’s main job is to:

  1. Verify the identity of the signer using an identification document, such as a passport, a driver’s license, or a government-issued ID
  2. Check whether the signer understands the contents of the document as well as its effects
  3. Determine that the signer is of age and sound mental state to sign the document

When a notary public confirms all three of the above, they will put their seal and signature on your document, making it legally binding.

Documents that individuals and business people most often deal with are:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Deeds
  • Business transactions
  • Loan documents
  • Real estate purchase and sale contracts

Besides notarizing any of these documents, notaries can also administer oaths and acknowledgments.

Why Won’t a Notary Notarize My Document?

If a notary public doesn’t want to put their seal or signature on your documents, you may have:

  • Left blanks in your contract
  • Failed to bring a witness to the signing when it was necessary to do so
  • Forgotten your identification documents
  • Failed to notice your ID had expired

Even though the act may seem tedious, you have to take going to a notary office seriously. If you forget to bring your ID or the document you want to notarize, you will have to schedule another appointment. Since you probably need your documents notarized sooner rather than later, it’s clear why this is a hindrance.

How To Notarize Documents in Cupertino, CA

Unfortunately, California is one of the states that still doesn’t allow its notaries public to offer online notary services to their customers. While some of the states allow remote notarization temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic, California is not among them.

Here’s how you can notarize documents in Cupertino, CA, for now:

How To Get Documents Notarized in Cupertino, CA

In personGoing to a notary office is the traditional and the most inconvenient method. You have to schedule a meeting, show up in person with your ID and document, and sign the document in front of a notary
Mobile notaryHiring a mobile notary may be convenient since you’ll get a notary public to come to whatever place suits you, whether your home or your work office. This method isn’t that affordable, though, since notaries charge additional travel costs
Remote notarization through an out-of-state notaryLiving in Cupertino, CA, doesn’t mean you can’t get a document notarized online. You only need to be careful to schedule an appointment with a notary that works in a state that allows remote notarization, whether temporarily or permanently

How To Find a Notary In Cupertino, California

Finding a notary near you isn’t so difficult. The part where you have to compare the prices and locations can take a while, though.

Here’s what you can do if you need a notary in Cupertino, California:

  • Look through the Notary.net or 123Notary databases
  • Go to the Cupertino UPS Store to get a document notarized for a fee
  • Stop by your bank to potentially notarize a document free of charge

Other places that usually have a notary public offering their services to citizens are:

  • Law offices and courthouses
  • Public libraries
  • Police departments
  • Real estate offices
  • Money transfer services

Why Remote Online Notarization Is the Option You’ll Want To Go With

Having to walk, drive your car, or take public transport to go to a notary office results in an unnecessary waste of time and money. The fact that you have to repeat the entire process if you miss your meeting or forget an important piece of documentation is both tiring and annoying.

You may want or need to use your document right away, and having to schedule and wait for another meeting with a notary is not an option.

This is why getting your documents notarized online is the best alternative. You have the freedom to schedule an appointment whenever it suits you, and the process is over quickly. Plus, you don’t have to put on a suit and leave your house at all!

if you want to book a meeting with an online notary without wasting your time.

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