A Guide to Getting Kemper Refunds

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Are Kemper Refunds Possible and How Do They Work?

Kemper is an insurance titan. It’s a corporation covering every possible insurance area: auto, boat, home, renters, condo, personal valuables, identity fraud, life, health, and a few others. Kemper is also a company with unclear rules and regulations when it comes to refunds.

Why Is Getting a Kemper Refund Complicated?

In some cases, you can buy insurance policies directly from Kemper, but in most states, you have to go through an independent agent, which is where the problem starts.

Kemper’s website has a lot of options: you can get an insurance quote, manage your policy, find a repair shop, or an insurance agency.

What you cannot do is find the company’s Terms of Service or refund policy.

The fact that you can usually buy Kemper only from independent insurance agencies doesn’t make things easier—most of their websites will point you to a phone number.

DoNotPay can do more than that. We can secure you a refund from Kemper (or an independent agency) without any phone queues or annoying sales reps.

How To Secure a Kemper Refund With DoNotPay

Whenever you encounter a confusing situation and are not sure if you can request a refund or if the company has a no-refund policy, resort to DoNotPay. Our app ensures you get your money back.

What we can do is help you initiate a chargeback on any funds transferred to Kemper from your credit card.

If you believe Kemper owes you a refund, but they refuse to cooperate, here is how to dispute those charges with DoNotPay:

  1. Access DoNotPay from your
  2. Click on the Chargeback Quickly option
  3. Give our chatbot the transaction details
  4. Type in the name of the merchant

Note that according to the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), your right to a chargeback expires after 60 days, so it’s important to go through these steps before that deadline.

Once you complete the process, DoNotPay will help you by faxing a dispute letter to your bank and reaching out to the merchant to ask for a refund. We will also provide you with important Visa and MasterCard codes to build up your case.

We can also help with other companies that refuse to give you a refund. Check out how to get your money back from numerous popular insurance services, including Geico, GAP Insurance, or Progressive Insurance.

Does Kemper Have a Refund Policy?

Kemper’s website is a mess, so to get an insight into what its refund policy might be, you have two options:

  • If you are a policyholder, try to dig out the conditions under which you can get a refund from your policy. If you signed up with an insurance agency, you also have to pay attention to their rules
  • If you are a new customer looking to sign up for a new insurance policy, take consolation in the fact that most insurance companies work more or less the same. This means that the refunds follow similar rules

What Are Kemper Refund Options?

Regardless of the company, the basic insurance policy lasts for 12 months, and you can cancel it anytime. Agencies usually offer a period during which you can drop your policy and get a full or partial refund.

Some things to note are:

  • Cancellation fees—Both Kemper and the insurance agency could charge you a cancellation fee
  • No-automatic refunds—You will need to return the policy and go through the entire process before getting you money back
  • Up-front payments—If you paid upfront for 12 months and cancel your policy mid-term, you are likely to get a prorated refund for the remaining months

What Is Non-Refundable According to Kemper?

In certain cases, you won’t be eligible for a refund. You cannot get your money back if you:

  • Cancel your policy but have made a claim already
  • Pay off your insurance in monthly installments
  • Have purchased any add-ons
  • Have broken any rules and regulations that would cause the agency to drop your policy

What Are Other Methods To Get a Kemper Refund?

You can request a refund from your insurance agency or Kemper in any of the following ways:

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No








In Person


Get a Kemper Refund From Your Insurance Agency

You can always return your policy to the insurance company and ask for a refund in person.

In case you are not sure about the best method to do this, you can look up the insurance agency on Kemper’s website and check the details:

  1. Go to the Kemper website
  2. Click on the Information Center tab in the header
  3. Pick Find an Agency from the drop-down menu
  4. Enter the Zip Code or address and click on Go
  5. Select the agency you purchased your policy from
  6. Check the contact info and use it to reach out to them

Request a Refund From Kemper on Their Website

You can get in touch with Kemper by filling out a form on their website.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the Kemper website
  2. Click on the Contact Us link in the top right corner
  3. Pick About my policy from the Select a topic drop-down menu
  4. Select your policy type from the second drop-down menu
  5. Enter your name, phone number, and email
  6. Type out your refund request in detail in the textbox
  7. Click on Submit

Request a Refund From Kemper Over the Phone

To get in touch with Kemper customer service over the phone, go to the Contact Us link at the top right of the Kemper homepage.

Scroll down until you reach the Phone section. Choose the type of insurance you have and call the listed numbers to get the info about refund options.

Request a Refund From Kemper via Mail

To send your refund request letter to Kemper, you should visit the Contact Us page and scroll down to the bottom. Under the Mail section, you will see a drop-down menu from which you can pick your insurance type.

Once you get the address, send your letter and contact info via post.

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