How to Do a Skrill Chargeback and Get Your Money Back Easily

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How to Do a Skrill Chargeback and Get Your Money Back Easily

Have you ever used the money transfer and online payment service Skrill? They offer convenient ways to get money where it's supposed to go around the world. However, sometimes users want to initiate when they are unsatisfied with a product or service. It makes returning that money slightly complicated.

How can you make this process easier? Requesting chargebacks through DoNotPay is your solution to avoid going directly through a merchant.

How to Get a Skrill Refund with DoNotPay

We've created a simplified way to without the hassle of going directly through the merchant or your bank. Our process is one of the most convenient ways to get money back to avoid dealing with Skrill customer service.

You can initiate a chargeback using these easy steps on our DoNotPay app:

  • Search for the term "Chargebacks" when using our app.
  • Let us know what credit card you used for your charge. We'll also need the name of your bank and the business where you made the purchase.
  • Provide us with a description of why you need a chargeback. Uploading evidence of your case helps speed up the process.

After you send the request to us, we'll send all your information to your bank via fax. We'll also send all the other evidence you provide to us. We'll also have the Reason Code on your card. These codes help the bank understand the reasoning behind your need for a refund.

How to Get a Skrill Refund on Your Own

It's not always easy to attempt a chargeback going through Skrill. Those of you who do attempt to do it on your own generally have to follow these criteria:

  • Act fast by calling their customer service line, because once a transaction is fully processed, you can't have it returned.
  • You can get a refund if it's under six months since the transaction took place.
  • Keep a record of your transaction date.

Going through Skrill's customer service line usually works, albeit taking far too much time. DoNotPay gets this same chargeback process going faster and saves you from having to wait on the phone forever to get it finalized.

Even better, we help you cancel all memberships with Skrill or internal businesses using a few easy steps.

Skrill's Refund Policy

As you can see, Skrill does provide a customer service line to deal with chargebacks. They still have strict procedures for how you go about getting your refund finalized.

The steps include:

  1. Providing the type of currency sent and the specific amount.
  2. Giving the exact time and date of when the transaction occurred.
  3. Posting the email you use on your Skrill account.
  4. Providing your transaction ID.

While the six-month refund policy is typically fair, you might not discover you want a refund until after that date. If this happens, Skrill has a withdrawal process that returns funds to you.

Doing this for the first time requires a 15-day processing period, delaying things even further.

How Long Will it Take to Get a Skrill Refund?

You should receive your refund immediately once it's fully processed. Those who don't receive it within seven days should contact their customer service team. Still, it's easy to see their refund process is very protracted.

Issues You Might Encounter When Requesting a Refund

The biggest problem with getting a chargeback or a refund through Skrill is that it's a go-between for merchants and customers. This means having to go through their own customer service lines to get things resolved.

Doing this alone is likely going to mean long wait times on the phone, something no one wants. When you just want to get your money back, you don't want to wait interminably on a phone line to get it completed.

You're also at the mercy of possible bad customer service representatives. Reviews of Skrill usually say their customer service is not the best. Many people are also subject to business scams there, making a chargeback all the more problematic.

Providing all details about your transaction to customer service can also prove complicated. Keeping an exact record of your transaction ID isn't always possible with everyone, leading to slowdowns.

How Can You Check the Status of Your Refund?

Calling customer service is usually the best way to find out your refund status at Skrill. Then again, that involves longer waits on the phone if you find out the refund hasn't gone through after seven days.

You can also check your account to see the status of your refund.

Skrill Customer Support Contact Information
Support Website
PortalAccount Login
Online SupportLive Chat
Customer Service Phone Numbers1-855-719-2087 (9 AM to 7 PM EST)

+44 203 308 2520 (8 AM to 5 PM, UK time)

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Being able to get a refund through DoNotPay is the quickest and easiest method available in the online world. You can get refunds from nearly any company you made a purchase from. With DoNotPay, it is easier to request the following:

Check out what else we offer:

  1. Deal with issues on your credit card.
  2. Jump all phone queues to gain access to customer service.
  3. Fight bank fees.

Visit us to find out more about our Chargebacks service and how you can get a quick refund from your bank if you're still using Skrill.

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