Progressive Cancel Policy Refund Explained

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Looking for a Progressive Cancel Policy Refund Guide? You Found It

The Progressive Corporation is an American insurance company based in Mayfield, Ohio. It’s one of the largest providers of car insurance, but it also provides homeowners insurance and coverage for a wide array of vehicles.

Policyholders that wish to cancel their Progressive insurance or switch to another insurer are eligible for prorated refunds for the unused portion of their policies. The insurance company doesn’t make it easy to cancel your policy, and it’s not exactly clear how you can request premium and prorated refunds. If Progressive refuses to grant you a refund, you can use DoNotPay’s app to get your money back.

How To Get a Progressive Refund

Once you cancel your policy or it gets canceled by Progressive, the company should send you a prorated refund automatically. If this doesn’t happen, you should take the initiative and request a refund. Here are the available methods you can use:

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No








In Person


How To Request a Progressive Cancellation Refund over the Phone

Progressive’s customer support line is available 24/7. If you wish to call them regarding any refund issues, you should:

  1. Dial 1-888-671-4405
  2. Ask to speak to a Progressive representative
  3. Explain your situation and request that they grant you your refund immediately

How To Request a Progressive Cancellation Refund via the Website

You can also contact Progressive through their site’s chatbot and email form. While the chatbot doesn’t feature any responses to prompts about refunds, the email form can be used to voice the complaints you might have about the service or ask about the state of your refund. Here’s how you use it:

  1. Go to the Progressive website’s contact page
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Fill out the form and type out your question or request
  4. Submit

You will receive an email once Progressive has processed your message.

The company might ask for additional documents regarding the refund request. You can upload digital copies by:

  1. Going to the My Client page on the website
  2. Selecting Upload and view supporting documents
  3. Clicking on Upload new document
  4. Choosing the document you want to add
  5. Clicking on Submit

You can select the file name to view the document, to make sure that it has the right resolution after upload. If you receive an email that states you didn’t send the right documentation, contact Progressive via phone.

Do I Have To Apply for Apron Relief Program Refunds?

No, Progressive will calculate your credit at the end of each month during a relief program. The insurer applies it to your outstanding balance automatically.

Since premiums change with every policy or renewal request, the exact amount of credit you receive can vary.

What Is the Progressive Cancel Refund Policy?

When you cancel your Progressive insurance plan or switch to another insurer, you are entitled to a prorated refund.

Customers with homeowner’s insurance should inquire about a refund when moving to a new location. If the area is located in a ZIP code with lower rates, Progressive might refund the difference compared to your old coverage.

Under specific circumstances, you can receive a refund on your premium. When there’s less traffic on the road over a longer period of time due to unforeseen events, Progressive will provide customers with relief measures.

What Type of Fees Can I Expect After Canceling Progressive?

The fees associated with canceling Progressive can put a dent in your refund amounts. At least ten percent of your remaining coverage will be converted into a fee. You might also be billed for a cancellation fee.

How To Request a Refund from Progressive With DoNotPay

Our AI Consumer Champion makes getting refunds a piece of cake. When using DoNotPay, you won’t have to contact the merchant or argue over the phone with a representative to get your money back. DoNotPay does it all in minutes, with minimal input from the user. Here’s how you get a refund with our app:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Navigate to the File a Chargeback option, and press Get Protected
  3. Answer our chatbots questions about the transaction, merchant, and your bank
  4. Add your digital signature and confirm

DoNotPay will fax a dispute letter to your bank together with Visa and Mastercard codes relevant to the case. We’ll contact the merchant to confirm that you did everything you could to ask for your refund.

How Long Do I Have To Wait for a Progressive Cancellation Refund?

While Progressive has been known to return premium refunds within seven days, this isn’t always the case. The insurance company will automatically calculate your credit by the end of each billing period. The funds are refunded by the middle of the following month. If you continue to receive coverage and are set to receive a premium refund, the money will be sent to your outstanding balance.

Can I Monitor My Refund’s Status?

No, there is no way to monitor the status of your refund.

Issues You Can Expect When Requesting a Progressive Cancellation Refund

Users have reported that canceling Progressive can be a challenge. The representatives direct customers to cancel via email, even though reply emails state that you can’t cancel without additional documentation.

When canceling your coverage, Progressive will charge you a cancellation fee that can vary from state to state. Should you cancel on the payment due date, you might still be charged for unpaid coverage. The due date might not match the ending of your policy term.

The waiting time can be significantly longer than the official info states.

Progressive may require one accounting period (or 30 days) of notice before they send your premium refund. If your policy was sold through an insurance agent, you could wait up to 60 days as their accounting period is also a factor.

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