How To Cancel Allstate Insurance Subscription

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When Allstate’s in a Bad State—How To Cancel Allstate Insurance

Allstate is an American insurance company based in Illinois. It’s the largest publicly-held personal lines insurer. It currently provides insurance to over 15 million households.

At one point, Allstate was ranked No. 1 as America’s worst insurer by the American Association for Justice. Not for lack of trying, as their payout and cancellation policies are equally cumbersome for customers. DoNotPay helps solve the latter problem and rid you of your Allstate coverage.

Cancel Allstate Insurance On Your Own

When it comes to canceling Allstate Insurance, you have a few different methods to choose from:

Can I Cancel With



Company Phone Line



In Person





How To Cancel Allstate Insurance via Phone Call

Calling Allstate Insurance is one of the more straightforward ways you can cancel your coverage. All you have to do is:

  1. Dial 800-255-7828
  2. Ask to speak with an Allstate agent or representative
  3. Request to cancel your account

How To Cancel Allstate Insurance by Contacting Your Agent

Most people sign up for Allstate Insurance through an agent. You should have their contact details in the form of an email or phone number. You can call them and ask to cancel your Allstate coverage. It’s not the most foolproof way to get rid of your subscription, as users have reported that Allstate’s agents aren’t easy to get ahold of, especially when you want to cancel. Keep thorough records of your requests to an agent in case they don’t terminate your account upon your request.

Use DoNotPay To Cancel Allstate Insurance Without Moving From Your Couch

Allstate Insurance doesn’t make it easy to cancel their service. You might be stuck on the phone for hours trying to contact your agent, or the company phone line might be down. It tends to be a time-consuming process. Take the simple route and use DoNotPay to cancel your Allstate coverage. Our app streamlines the process and gets you results in mere minutes. Here’s how you can cancel:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Navigate to the Find Hidden Money option
  3. Type in Allstate Insurance in the text box
  4. Confirm

Our app will then cancel your Allstate account and prevent them from billing you. Once the cancellation is complete, you’ll receive a notification.

Find It Difficult To Track All Your Subscriptions? DoNotPay Has a Solution

Today’s world seems to run on subscriptions. We pay for countless services in monthly installments, from our insurance coverage to our gym memberships. It’s a convenient system of payment, but it comes with a downside—It’s difficult to keep track of every subscription. Paying for unused services is not a minor issue, either.

The average American will spend $348 a year on subscriptions they don’t use. DoNotPay offers a convenient solution to this common problem. Connect your email or bank account to DoNotPay, and you can start tracking all of your paid subscriptions. You get a list of every service you signed up for, making it easy to note which ones you no longer use. You can then cancel them from the Find Hidden Money tab.

Take a Look at Some Alternatives to Allstate Insurance

Once you’ve ditched Allstate, you may want to find coverage from a different insurer. Here are a few examples that are worth considering:





$1,198 per year

  • Car maintenance alerts
  • Nearby parking and attractions locator

State Farm

$1,511 per year

  • Drive Safe & Save app to earn discounts for good driving
  • Training app for younger drivers

DoNotPay Is the AI Consumer Champion App That Solves Problems

Our app helps users cancel services they don’t need, but that’s not all. DoNotPay specializes in taking care of mundane day-to-day challenges that would normally take a while to resolve. Consider the last time you wanted to dispute a parking ticket. It’s a hassle, but DoNotPay makes the process a breeze. If you aren’t familiar with bureaucracy and don’t know how to send demand letters to a stalker or demand compensation for delayed flights, our app can help.

These are just some of the features you can start using once you open DoNotPay in your . Here’s a more detailed list of the tasks we can help you with:

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