Deets on the Implied Warranty of Habitability in California

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Implied Warranty of Habitability in California From Top to Bottom

California implied warranty of habitability ensures that landlords keep their properties habitable even if the lease doesn’t compel them to make any repairs. Dangerous conditions, such as holes in the floor or exposed wiring, fall into the uninhabitable conditions. In such cases, you are allowed to move out without any notice to the landlord, according to the California Civil Code Section 1942.

What Does California Implied Warranty of Habitability Include?

All residential rental properties in California have an implied warranty of habitability. You can also bring your own lawsuits if the landlord happens to breach the warranty. In these lawsuits, you will seek damages for loss of use of the rented property, emotional distress, and statutory penalties. A landlord’s property insurance might provide coverage for these claims.

California has a specific list of habitable conditions that include:

  • Roof and exterior walls that are waterproofed and weather-protected
  • Doors and windows without damage
  • Plumbing or gas facilities that are in good working order
  • Hot and cold running water supply that is connected to a sewage disposal system
  • Heating facilities that are in good working order
  • Electrical lighting that has proper wiring
  • Building and grounds that are free of pests and garbage
  • An appropriate number of garbage cans in good condition
  • Well-maintained floors, stairways, and railings

Ways To Deal With a Breach of a California Implied Warranty of Habitability

You can prove a claim for breach of warranty of habitability if you show proof:

  1. Of an uninhabitable condition
  2. That the landlord was aware of the cause that breached the warranty
  3. Of damage

If you manage to prove a breach of the agreement, you should be able to get the return of the paid rents and attorney fees. You have several options to deal with a breach of warranty. Check the table below to see what each option means:

OptionHow It Works

Repair and deduct

Make the repairs yourself and deduct the cost of repairs up to one month’s rent.


Withhold the portion of the rent until the issue is resolved if the costs of repairs are higher.

Constructive eviction

Walk away from your lease if the repairs are not made after a certain period of time.

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