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The Ins and Outs of HHgregg Extended Warranties

HHgregg has a complicated history. It was an online retailer and a retail chain that sold electronics and home appliances. In 2017, HHgregg filed for bankruptcy and closed all its stores. Valor Group LLC purchased the company and kept its original name for the online shop. At this point, it gets complicated. If you have HHgregg extended warranty, you need to reach out to a third company—Warrantech.

We understand how unnerving it must be when you don’t know where to find the info you need and how to file a warranty claim. Luckily, you’ve landed on the right article! DoNotPay will help you untangle the HHgregg extended warranty subject and assist you with submitting your warranty claim.

What Does HHgregg Extended Warranty Cover?

If you don’t have a brochure or a service agreement from HHgregg to check the coverage of the company’s extended warranty, the HHgregg website won’t be of much help either. To spare yourself from running into a dead-end researching, check the extended warranty options below:

Extended Warranty PlanThe Company Will:What Is CoveredWhat Is Not Covered
Replacement PlanReplace your product with a new or refurbished product or reimburse you the amount of the original price

Mechanical and electrical breakdowns

Damage caused by:
  • Rusting
  • Liquid spillage
  • Unauthorized service
  • Abuse or negligence
Repair PlanRepair or replace your product

SmartPhone Plan

Major Component Plan

Repair or replace major parts of your products:
  • The compressor of your freezer, refrigerator, wine cooler, air conditioner
  • The transmission of your washer
  • The light engines of your LCD/DLP TVs

How To Submit a Warrantech Extended Warranty Claim

HHgregg states that you should do the following if you want to file a warranty claim:

  1. Call Warrantech
  2. Visit My Protection Plan 360

File an HHgregg Extended Warranty Claim Over the Phone

To request warranty service, you can call Warrantech at (817) 785-6601 or (800) 833-8801. Once you reach a customer service rep, explain your problem and ask what your next steps should be.

File an HHgregg Extended Warranty Claim Online

You can submit a warranty claim online by following these steps:

  1. Sign up or log in to your account
  2. Click on View My Plans
  3. Select the product that requires service
  4. Tap on File Claim
  5. Follow the prompts and submit your claim

The company’s agent should get in touch with you and inform you what to do next.

Get HHgregg Warranty Service Faster With DoNotPay’s Help

You can skip the HHgregg drama and file your extended warranty claim in a matter of minutes using DoNotPay!

Check out how to file an HHgregg extended warranty claim the easy way:

  1. Visit DoNotPay in a
  2. Select the Claim Warranty feature
  3. Tap on Warranty on a Purchased Item
  4. Enter HHgregg and provide the necessary details
  5. Click on Submit

Once you complete these steps, DoNotPay will submit your warranty claim. All you have to do is wait for the company to contact you regarding your warranty service.

DoNotPay is the perfect tool to use when filing other warranty claims, too! Whether it’s another purchased item, a car, home, or used-car extended warranty, we can handle it!

Appeal Your Rejected Warranty Claim Using DoNotPay

If HHgregg denies your warranty claim, there’s still a way to obtain warranty service! While some users may give up after a rejected claim, DoNotPay is here to assist you with appealing it!

Here’s how the appeal process works:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Choose the Claim Warranty category
  3. Click on Appeal a Denied Warranty Claim
  4. Answer a few questions about your product and the original warranty claim
  5. Hit Submit

DoNotPay will build your case based on the provided info and warranty laws. Once we draft your appeal letter, we’ll send it to the company.

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