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A Complete Guide to Claiming Fujitsu Mini-Split Warranty

Fujitsu General is a Japanese company dedicated to manufacturing air conditioning and humidity control devices for residential and commercial purposes. You’ll get a manufacturer warranty if:

  • You purchase a device from Fujitsu General directly
  • The licensed contractor installs the system

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What Does Fujitsu Warranty Cover?

The Fujitsu General warranty applies to all Halcyon models. The warranty covers the parts, compressors, controls, and accessories. The warranty duration depends on the object in question:

  • Parts—Five years
  • Compressions—Seven years
  • Controls and accessories—90 days

The replaced part will be covered until the end of the original warranty period. If the initial contract is close to an end, the warranty for that part will last 30 days.

Extension of Fujitsu Limited Warranty

Your Fujitsu Mini-Split warranty can be extended to up to ten years if you meet the following conditions:

  • System registered online in the first 60 days from installation
  • Device installed in a single residential household or a multifamily home
  • Product purchased after June 1, 2015
  • Client residing in the same location where the Mini-Split device was installed
  • Parts that malfunctioned returned to Fujitsu General America, Inc.

Your warranty will be extended to 12 years if:

  • You meet all of the above-described requirements
  • One of the Fujitsu Elite Contractors installed your system

Fujitsu Warranty Registration Explained

To obtain the extended Fujitsu warranty, you need to register your system online by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Fujitsu General website
  2. Click on the Residential option
  3. Select Service & Support and Product Registration
  4. Read the warranty info and click on Click here to agree to the FGAI warranty information and continue with registration
  5. Enter the required details

What To Keep in Mind When Filing a Fujitsu Warranty Claim

The R-22 and all IAQ models—devices that contain a Q in the number—aren’t covered by the extended warranty and have only the base warranty.

The following systems include a two-year parts warranty and a six-year compressor warranty:


The Fujitsu warranty doesn’t cover the following:

  • Systems bought from an online retailer
  • Devices damaged by fire, floods, power surge, frozen or broken water pipes, etc.
  • Devices that were removed from the original place of installation
  • Systems with altered or removed serial numbers

Visit the warranty page to see the full list of systems that aren’t eligible for a warranty claim.

How To Claim Fujitsu Mini-Split Warranty

You can file a Fujitsu warranty claim by contacting the Fujitsu Elite Contractor who set up and installed your device. You can locate a contractor in three ways:

Ways To Locate a ContractorHow To Do It


Click on the Locate a Contractor option in the footer of the Fujitsu General homepage

Over the Phone

Dial 1-866-952-8324

Via Email

Send an email to or

Make sure to prepare a proof of purchase or installation.

How To File a Fujitsu Warranty Claim With DoNotPay

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