Everything You Need To Know About the Dollar General Return Policy

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A Guide to the Dollar General Return Policy

Dollar General is known for its “dollar for an item” concept, and many customers in search of a good bargain will shop in the Dollar General stores.

Sometimes the low price of the product means poor quality as well. In case you are dissatisfied with an item you bought at Dollar General and you wish to return it, here is what you should know about the Dollar General return policy.

What Is Dollar General’s Return Policy?

Dollar General accepts item returns within 30 days of purchase. The return process depends on the way you bought the product:

  1. In the retail store
  2. On Dollar General's website

In both cases, you will receive a full refund for the item you return. Dollar General will also provide you with a refund for shipping and handling expenses in case the reason for the return was a shipping or manufacturing error.

You should return the product in good condition and with all parts and paperwork. If you saved the original packaging, Dollar General recommends returning the item in it.

How To Return Items to Dollar General

You can return an item to Dollar General in two ways:

  • Going back to the store
  • Online via the Dollar General website

Dollar General Policy for In-Store Returns

If you made your purchase in a store, you can return the item only to the store where you bought it. The Dollar General return policy states that the retail shops do not accept the items you purchased on the website.

Dollar General Return Policy for Online Purchases

When you buy Dollar General products online, the return process is a little more complicated. If you buy an item through Dollar General's website, you will not be able to return it in store.

Instead of that, you should contact the company’s Customer Support Centre by completing the email form. They should provide you with instructions and a return authorization number.

The authorization number is crucial—Dollar General will not accept returns without it. When you receive it, you should do the following:

  1. Pack the item in the original box if you still have it and seal it with tape
  2. Include all parts, accessories, and paperwork
  3. Provide data such as your billing name, address, and order number along with the item
  4. Place the full label on the largest side of the package and do not change it
  5. Send the item to the return address provided to you by Customer Support

You can send the product via UPS, and you can also track your return on the UPS website.

Ways To Return the ProductYes/No
In PersonYes

Can You Return Damaged Items?

Dollar General store return policy states that if you receive damaged items, you can return them by calling customer support at 877-463-1553. In case you damage the product, the return will not be possible.

What Is the Dollar General Return Policy Without a Receipt?

Dollar General's return policy without a receipt is not as strict as you may think. If you lost your receipt, Dollar General can provide you with a refund on a gift card, or you can exchange the product for another of the same value.

How Long Will You Have To Wait for the Refund?

When you return the item to Dollar General, you can expect the refund within 30 days of the company receiving the product. Though it will take less time to bring the item back to the store than mail it back, this policy is the same no matter how you make your return.

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