Can You Return Nordstrom Items to Nordstrom Rack—Mystery Unraveled

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Can I Return Nordstrom Items to Nordstrom Rack—An Easy-to-Follow Guide

Have you ever bought something from a retailer only to find that the article is stained or otherwise damaged? What if you found out that the nearest store is not that company’s department but a subsidiary? If this happened to you at Nordstrom, then you’ve probably asked yourself—can I return Nordstrom items to Nordstrom Rack?

We’ll answer your questions and explain the details of the Nordstrom return policy in this article. , and we will take all the hassle out of returning any product!

Everything You Should Know About the Nordstrom Rack Returns Policy

Unlike Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack follows the Hautelook return policy, which imposes a 45-day deadline for returning unwanted items. If you’re late, don’t despair since their employees have the right to accept a return after the deadline (at their own discretion). In such cases, they can refund only 50% of the original sales price.

You can return most articles bought at Nordstrom at Nordstrom Rack, except for the following:

  • Worn or damaged apparel
  • Beauty items
  • Articles that are:
    • Not in their original casing
    • Marked as Final Sale or Non-Returnable

How To Begin a Nordstrom Rack Returns Process

Nordstrom Rack doesn’t provide an exchange option, but you can still get a refund for your items. After you’ve determined that your articles are returnable, you can demand a refund in one of the following ways:

  • Take your purchase to the nearest Nordstrom Rack store
  • Submit an online request

Returning Your Article in Person

If you’re inclined to pick the first option, follow these steps:

  1. Find the nearest store using the Nordstrom Rack store locator
  2. Take the receipt (with the original form of payment) with you
  3. Visit their department store and ask for a refund

Initiating the Return Process Online

If you choose the second option, do the following:

  1. Go to the blank returns section of the Nordstrom Rack website
  2. Enter your order number and ZIP or postal code
  3. Submit a return request once your order has been found
  4. Print the prepaid shipping label the store will send you via email
  5. Ship your items (with the prepaid return label)

Check out the summary of viable and non-viable ways to return Nordstrom items to Nordstrom Rack:

Return Request ViaYes/No
Personal visit to their storeYes

How Long Does Nordstrom Rack Take To Process Your Return Request?

The time needed for Nordstrom Rack to process your request can vary depending on the return method you choose. If you choose to return the item in person, you can expect a refund in 5–7 business days. If you opt for the digital return request, you’ll wait about 10–14 days for it to be processed.

The refund will take 5–7 days to arrive and will be issued:

  • As an eCard (if you bought the item with a Nordstrom Rack Gift Card)
  • To your PayPal account or credit card (if you used them to purchase the item)

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