BJ’s Return Policy Made Simple

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A Handy Guide to the BJ’s Return Policy

BJ’s is a wholesale club operating within the USA. The sheer selection of products these stores offer can often bring about regrettable purchases, while the volume of sales may also cause omissions when shipping goods.

If you’ve got BJ’s items you aren’t happy with, here are some details about the BJ’s return policy. . Our app can also manage the returns for other wholesale chains, such as:

Details of the BJ’s Return Policy

Big chains like BJ’s often won’t accept returns of every item you are unsatisfied with. The return window depends on the type of product you purchased and its condition.

Returnable Items

For a product to be eligible for a return, all accessories that come with it must be intact. Most non-grocery goods are returnable within a year of purchase.

The BJ’s TV return policy and rules for other electronics are a bit different. Check out the exceptions to the one-year return window:

  • 14 days—Electronic devices damaged on arrival are returnable if you can provide the original packaging. This rule covers items like:
    • Televisions
    • Laptops
    • Tablets
  • 30 days—Big appliances and software or services that haven’t been opened, used, or logged into can be returned. Examples are:
    • Refrigerators
    • Washers
    • Dryers
    • DVDs
    • Computer software
    • Video games
  • 90 days—Undamaged electronics:
    • Computers
    • Home theatre displays
    • E-readers

Non-Returnable Items

The list of non-returnable products contains short-lived or personal use items. This includes:

  • Lottery tickets, tobacco, and alcohol products
  • Fireworks and products with any fuel
  • All perishables, primarily food
  • Personalized items, such as BJ’s Optical (unless your item is unopened)
  • Personal use items
  • Clothing bought on final sale
  • Items purchased as part of a special event
  • Gift cards

You may also be refused a return of goods in case of bulk purchases. BJ’s wholesale return policy states that you won’t be granted goods return if you’ve bought ten or more units of one product in one transaction. This restriction applies only to online orders where your bill exceeds $1,000.

BJ’s Product Return Process

BJ’s provides several ways to return your products:

Can You Initiate a Return ViaYes/No
In PersonYes

Initiating Your Return Right via Telephone

If you wish to initiate the return process remotely, you’ll need to reach out to BJ’s customer support over the phone. The phone number of the special support section dedicated for this purpose is 844-700-TIRE.

Starting Your Return Claim Online

If you’ve shopped at the BJ’s webshop, your items are eligible for the online return. Keep in mind that online returns are not available for customers that used BJ’s option to buy articles online and pick them up in a store.

Here is how you can initiate the return process using this method:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Find the order that contains your unwanted item
  3. Click Manage Orders
  4. Look for the problematic item and click Order Details
  5. Find the Return Order option
  6. Tick off the product
  7. Pick the return reason code
  8. Add an optional comment

Your refund will be paid out once BJ’s has received your package.

Returning a Product to BJ’s in Person

This return method should be the simplest. You need to turn to the clerk behind the Member Service Desk in your nearest club. They should accept most of your returns.

There is one exception— BJ’s return policy doesn’t allow product returns in store to members who only have Online Access Membership.

What About BJ’s Return Policy Without a Receipt?

If you’ve lost the receipt, you can download it through your account on the company’s website. Another way to get proof of your purchase is to request a duplicate of your purchase history.

DoNotPay Helps You Return a Product to BJ’s in No Time

Not thrilled about dealing with BJ’s customer support reps? Don’t want to waste time navigating the company’s website?

You won’t have to worry about these complex steps if you rely on DoNotPay. Our app speeds up the return process. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. via any web browser
  2. Browse for the Item Return Request
  3. Supply a few details about your purchase and upload photos if necessary
  4. Click Submit to send the request

With this info, DoNotPay will create a personalized product return request in your name and forward it to BJ’s. This document will contain all the necessary info that the seller may need to process your request. You will also be provided with a free return label, so you don’t have to worry about your shipping costs.

The app offers two options—refund or replacement, so you can choose what suits you better.

The DoNotPay app even enables you to set the final date by which you demand BJ’s to refund the price of the returned item.

Demand a Refund for Your Flawed Product via DoNotPay

In case you aren’t interested in the product replacement and you want your money refunded ASAP, here is how to demand it through DoNotPay:

  1. Look for the File a Chargeback option
  2. Click Get Protected
  3. Answer the questions our chatbot asks you
  4. Click Sign and Submit

Besides resolving your wholesale product return and refund issues, our app can help you with several other big sales brands:

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