The United States Post Office Delivery Times Explained

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The United States Post Office Delivery Times From A to Z

Whether you’re sending or receiving mail, you might be curious about the United States Post Office delivery times. Read our guide to find out when you can expect your letter or package to arrive. We will also explain what to do in case your USPS package is late or missing.

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An Overview of the US Post Office Delivery Times

An estimated USPS delivery time depends mostly on the mail class the sender chooses. Consult the following table to find out what the expected shipping time for your package is:

Domestic MailDelivery TimeInternational MailDelivery Time
First-Class MailOne to three business daysFirst-Class Mail InternationalNot specified
Priority Mail ExpressOvernight to two days (including weekends and holidays)First-Class Package International ServiceNot specified
Priority MailOne to three business daysPriority Mail Express InternationalThree to five business days
Media MailTwo to eight business daysPriority Mail InternationalSix to ten business days
USPS Retail GroundTwo to eight business daysGlobal Express GuaranteedOne to three business days
--Airmail M-BagsNot specified

USPS usually delivers packages by 5 p.m. local time (Monday–Saturday).

The shipping might take longer in the following situations:

  1. Bad weather—Poor weather conditions—such as storms, hurricanes, freezing rains, and similar—can cause postal service disruption
  2. Holiday rush—During each holiday season, there’s an increased delivery volume, which means that shipping usually takes longer
  3. Pandemic (such as the COVID-19)—Due to a higher number of online orders, USPS has a lot of packages to deliver, and this can cause delays
  4. Lost packages—Sometimes, a package can get lost. If you don’t get the package seven days after the estimated delivery date, report the issue to USPS
  5. Incorrect addresses—The package can be delivered to the wrong address, which results in a delivery delay
  6. Unusual circumstances—Unforeseen events—such as accidents, natural disasters, and truck breakdowns—can be the reasons for late delivery

How To Check Mail Delivery Times by Address

Estimated delivery times for Priority Mail depend on the ZIP code of the sender. Use the USPS Priority Mail Delivery Map to check when your package will arrive based on the area you’re sending it from.

Learn How To Track Your USPS Package

If your mail doesn’t arrive after the estimated delivery time, your first step should be to track its status to check for updates. You can do so by:

Does USPS Offer a Refund for Late Deliveries?

USPS issues refunds for late packages if the delay is their fault. You can apply for a refund no later than:

  • 30 days from the mailing date for mail sent via Priority Mail Express
  • 60 days from the mailing date for mail sent via:
    • Priority Mail Express with an extra service
    • All other classes of mail
    • All other classes of mail with extra service(s)

Is Your Package Late or Missing? You Can Report the Issue to USPS

Does the status of your mail say ‘delivered’, but your mailbox is still empty? If you think that your package got lost in transportation or delivered to the wrong address, you should file a complaint.

You can report the issue to USPS and request a refund in two ways:

Ways To Request a Refund


OnlineTo request a refund online, you need to:
  1. Create an account on the USPS website
  2. Answer the required questions
  3. Upload proof of purchased services
  4. Provide mailing date
In personIf you’d like to request a refund in person, you need to complete Form 3533 and submit it to the nearest post office

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