Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers: Everything You Need To Know

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Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers: Everything You Need To Know

As an alternative to traditional telephones, VoIP (voice-over internet protocol) allows users to make and receive calls using the internet compared to copper telephone lines. Much like mobile numbers, these numbers can also send and receive text messages.

If you’re looking to get a phone number that’s hard for shady companies to track, getting a VoIP number, more specifically a , sounds like a great idea in theory.

But is a non-fixed VoIP number your best option for avoiding spam and robocalls? Let DoNotPay walk you through non-fixed VoIP.

Is A Non-Fixed VoIP Number Ideal For Staying Safe?

What separates non-fixed VoIP numbers from fixed numbers is that non-fixed numbers can easily be transferred to different users and devices. A non-fixed VoIP can easily be assigned to:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • And other devices with internet connectivity

However, this is what makes non-fixed VoIP appealing to spammers. Constantly changing devices allows them to continue to send messages and calls to recipients without a paper trail. Even if you have a non-fixed VoIP number yourself, that’s practically all they need to contact you.

What Are Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers Commonly Used For?

Because a non-fixed VoIP number isn’t tied down to a physical address, small businesses that don’t have a physical office, store, or headquarters rely on them to add legitimacy to their brand. This is especially helpful for companies that do business across the country, as the number certainly won’t follow your local area code.

The versatile nature of this number makes it ideal for business owners who can answer calls either at home, work, or out and about. However, since a non-fixed number is hard to follow, it’s understandable how these numbers can do more harm than good to limit robocalling.

How Does Non-Fixed VoIP Compare To DoNotPay?

If you need a burner phone number indefinitely, it makes sense to get a non-fixed VoIP number. But if you’re looking to only need a temporary phone number here or there, DoNotPay might offer a better solution for you.

With , you can obtain a temporary phone number for a brief period of time, use it one-time, and never need to manage it like a permanent number. We can break these two numbers down for you with this chart.

Non-Fixed VoIP
Additional Device Required?YesNo
Safe From Robocallers?NoYes

What are Some Things I Can Do With A DoNotPay Temporary Number?

Primarily, a phone number allows you to sign up for any site without using your own phone number. When you input this fake phone number into the registration form, DoNotPay will send your phone the verification code. You’ll be able to register on the website while your new phone number expires.

You won’t need to worry about websites selling your data to other companies. Freely use DoNotPay for any of these sites and more:

  1. Netflix
  2. Facebook
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Tinder
  5. Instagram
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Telegram
  8. X/Twitter

DoNotPay also works for online video games such as Fortnite, Valorant and CS:GO Prime. Using an alternative phone number won’t get you banned from playing these games, so feel free to take a number and start playing!

Is DoNotPay A Worthy Investment For The Average Consumer?

We definitely think so! With DoNotPay, you won’t need to purchase any additional equipment or software. All you need is your phone so you can receive the texts we send you.

Here’s how to register with a DoNotPay number:

  1. Log into DoNotPay on your phone or web browser.
  2. Type the name of the company, website, or app in the field.
  3. Select “Create a temporary number”.
  4. Check your phone for DoNotPay’s text message containing the validation code.
  5. Enter the code at the website and finish registration.

It’s that easy! And remember, you only pay a low, flat fee of $3 per month! Regardless of how many numbers or how many sites you need numbers for, the amount you pay will remain the same.

What Other Features Are Included With DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Product?

DoNotPay offers a wide range of services available to all members. What makes us stand out from other fake phone number apps is our Virtual Card and AI Consumer Champion features that unlock many more possibilities for you to carry out stressful and time-consuming tasks.

Consider DoNotPay to help you immensely with:

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