Bypass Netflix Phone Number Verification the Easy Way

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Protect Your Privacy From Netflix Phone Number Verification

As the world moves rapidly into a new hyper-digital era, people are increasingly conducting many of their interactions online. Online dating and online shopping are more popular than ever. Various services require users to share their phone numbers, something we 've been conditioned to do without a moment's hesitation.

However, putting your number out there exposes you to a wide range of online threats. Using a burner phone is one of the most effective ways to protect your online privacy.

Why People Use Burner Phones

Many online services, including online dating apps and services such as Netflix, require users to provide a phone number, which may seem harmless but could expose them to criminal activity. Here are some of the reasons why people use burner phones.

  1. For convenience. A burner phone is simply a prepaid phone with credit loaded onto it, which you can get rid of whenever you please without having to worry about ongoing contracts.
  2. To protect their online presence. Online dating creeps, scammers, and identity thieves could use your phone number to find out where you are, access your online accounts, or impersonate you. Burner phones act as a buffer, allowing you to enjoy online services without giving out your phone number.
  3. To redirect spam messages. Once a company such as Netflix has your phone number in its database, they start bombarding your phone with marketing text messages. If you find spam messages annoying, you can redirect them to your burner phone.

Why Netflix Asks for Phone Verification

There are many reasons why users undergo .

Two-Factor AuthenticationFor the most part, Netflix wants your phone number for the same reason Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook want it, i.e., Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA).

With 2-FA, a login code is sent to your phone via text message to keep hackers from gaining access to your account. A phone number also provides another way to get in touch with you if your account is compromised or if you forget your password.

Multiple AccountsAnother possible reason Netflix asks for a phone number is to stop people from creating unlimited free trial accounts by simply creating new emails. Netflix figures that getting a usable phone number is harder than creating a new email, making it more difficult for people to create a fake account.

How Else You Can Avoid Phone Verification

If you are not comfortable sharing your phone number on the web, there are ways to avoid it. Usually, when people want to get around , they'll try to use any of the following methods:

  • Burner phones. You can buy a burner phone for the sole purpose of Netflix phone verification and get rid of it soon after. However, the cost of new burner phones can easily add up if you use them regularly.
  • Fake phone numbers. You can use Google to search for fake phone numbers that you can use to verify your account on Netflix; this is probably not the best idea as it can only lead to a scam.
  • Google Voice. Google offers a feature known as Google Voice, a telephone service that allows users to create a fake phone number that they can use to verify their Netflix account.
  • Someone else 's phone. You can also use a phone number that belongs to someone else to get around phone verification when signing up for Netflix and other services. But that's not cool, and who's going to let you use their phone number anyway?

Potential Issues

There are a few issues that you may run into when trying to create a temporary phone number . For instance, some online services have banned websites that help you create fake numbers, so that's not an option. Perhaps you don't have your phone with you because you lost it.

In some cases, users don't receive the verification code when trying to apply for a service. The problem may be on your end: poor connection, using a blocked number, or maybe you have Do Not Disturb turned on. The service itself could also be at fault.

Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for Any Service Without a Phone Number

DoNotPay can help you avoid all these issues. With DoNotPay, you don 't need to buy a real burner phone just so that you can sign up for online services. Here's how to use DoNotPay to sign up for any service without a phone number.

  1. Open DoNotPay on your web browser
  2. Click on the Burner Phone feature and choose the online service you need the code for
  3. Select create a temporary number
  4. Enter your new number in the Netflix phone verification field and request the code

Virtual Credit Card

In addition to your phone number, DoNotPay can also help you protect your personal banking information. DoNotPay 's Virtual Credit Card allows you to sign up for a free trial with any online service without disclosing your personal banking information.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay provides a wide range of services to level the playing field and make life easier for everyday consumers. Here are some of the issues DoNotPay can help you solve:

• Bypass phone verification when applying for online services

• Talk to incarcerated loved ones

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• Stop spam messages

• Block spam emails

• Sign up for free trials securely

• Get refunds from companies

• Protect yourself against stalking and harassment

• Deal with bills you're unable to pay

• Get compensation and refunds for delayed or canceled flights

• Schedule DMV appointments quick and easy

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• Cancel memberships and subscriptions

• Deal with credit card issues

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