Get a Virtual Number for Telegram Registration the Easy Way

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How To Get A Virtual Number For Telegram Registration

Telegram has been a popular messaging service for over 10 years, serving as the conversation platform of over 700 million users around the world. DemandSage reports that 15 billion messages are sent using Telegram every day.

While Telegram is advertised as a pure, powerful and safe platform, you might be reluctant to hand your information over to them in order to start messaging friends and family. With big companies come questionable possibilities behind the scenes as to how these corporations utilize personal information from user accounts.

Fortunately, DoNotPay can show you how to complete your without using your phone at all. You’ll learn about how you can use simple methods to avoid needing a phone number for many popular websites!

Why Do I Need A Phone Number To Use Telegram?

Phone numbers are required to sign up for Telegram so that the company knows that the new user is a real person that isn’t trying to do anything malicious with the platform.

Even if you are using Telegram only for your computer or a tablet, the company requires you to input a mobile phone number. Doing so will allow them to text you a validation code that you need to complete your account registration.

What Are My Options For Bypassing Telegram’s Phone Number Registration?

Obtaining a temporary phone number to sign up for Telegram has never been easier. You can get a new phone number in one of multiple ways:

Burner PhoneBurner phones are available for around $50 at Walmart, Target and other stores. While the number can last indefinitely, the price may be too much if you only want to sign up for Telegram.
Google VoiceGoogle Voice is another valid way to get your validation code so you don’t use your real phone number. The caveat to this is that you’ll need to give your real phone number to Google, which may defeat the purpose of staying anonymous from Big Tech.
Fake Phone Number AppsThere are handfuls of fake phone number apps out there that help solve Telegram phone verification issues. The odds of getting a number that’s safe or even works, however, may not be worth the time and money.
DoNotPayFor just a small, monthly fee, you can get a valid burner number from that’s untraceable. DoNotPay also offers additional services the typical consumer might use outside of burner numbers.

How Do I Receive A Virtual Number For Telegram On DoNotPay?

Here’s how to receive a burner number with Burner Phone product:

  1. Click on the Burner Phone Product.
  2. Select “Telegram” as your website of choice.
  3. Click on “Create a temporary number”.
  4. Use the number to sign up for Telegram.
  5. Wait for a text message to appear in your phone’s inbox. This message displays the code given to your burner phone number.
  6. Use the code for Telegram and your signup is complete.

Once you receive your fake phone number, you only have a brief period of time to use the number before it expires. Be sure to have your phone on hand while you are registering for .

How Many Burner Numbers Will DoNotPay Give Me?

Feel free to generate as many numbers as you need in a period of time, as there’s no monthly limits for generating several numbers a month.

Consider using DoNotPay to get anonymous phone numbers for many other popular sites, including:

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Facebook
  4. Slack
  5. X/Twitter
  6. WhatsApp
  7. Instagram
  8. Discord

What Other Services Does DoNotPay Offer?

With DoNotPay, you have many resources at your disposal that can help with various obstacles one might face. With DoNotPay’s selection of services, you’re capable of:

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