Learn How To Use a Fake Number for CS:GO Prime

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Using a Fake Number for CS:GO Prime Protects Your Personal Information

You know how it goes. You provide your phone number to verify your CS:GO Prime account, and the next day, you're getting text spammed from companies you've never heard of before. All the spam you receive makes you hesitant to give out your phone number online to verify anything.

To access CS:GO Prime, you have to provide a phone number. You want the perks that come with Prime. DoNotPay Burner Phone service makes it easy to while enjoying the extra content.

Why People Use Burner Phones

When signing up for online services, such as CS:GO Prime, a dating app, or email, the company may require an actual phone number. You can't give them a wrong number because they request verification by sending a unique code to the number.

You don't want to risk your privacy, but you do want to subscribe. A burner phone can offer you the layer of protection and privacy you crave. With a burner phone, you can .

Why CS:GO Prime Asks for Phone Verification

When you sign up for CS:GO Prime, you get some great benefits. CS:GO Prime wants to help you protect your account with them and your privacy, so they ask for phone verification. The verification helps to ensure that hackers can't easily access your account with a little of your personal information. However, you don't want to wade through spam texts. With a burner phone, you can enjoy your CS:GO Prime account without an influx of spam.

How You Can Avoid Phone Verification

There are ways that you can activate your CS:GO Prime account and enjoy the benefits, such as additional content and matching with other Prime players while protecting your phone number. Here are a few ways people use to verify their phone numbers without offering the real one :

  • Burner phones: This can waste money if you don't have another need for a fake number.
  • Fake phone numbers from Google
  • Utilize Google Voice
  • Borrow someone else's phone: If it's a friend's phone, this may create tension between the two of you.

There are ways to produce a fake phone number that you can verify without spending a lot of money, inconveniencing friends, or taking a lot of time to navigate.

Potential Issues With Phone Verification

Many services require phone verification to add a layer of security to your account and stump hackers. However, there are some common issues with phone verification using your actual number or a temporary phone number, such as:

Banned websites that offer fake numbers.Twitter and other companies banned many sites that offer temporary or fake numbers.
User error.You've blocked unknown numbers, or it goes to the trash. Not receiving the verification code is a user error in this instance.
CS:GO Prime system error.CS:GO itself has an error and doesn’t send the verification code.
No access to the phone.Not having your phone with you or not knowing the number.

DoNotPay is ready to help you solve these issues with a fake phone number app that isn 't banned.

Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for CS:GO Prime Without a Phone Number

DoNotPay makes it a snap to sign up for your new CS:GO Prime account without revealing your phone number. Here are the steps to get you started:

  1. Open the Burner Phone option in the DoNotPay app.
  2. Select CS:GO Prime from the list of available businesses.
  3. Click on the "Create a temporary number" option.
  4. DoNotPay creates a temporary phone number for you to provide to the CS:GO Prime website.
  5. Sign in to your CS:GO Prime account with this number.

It's important to note that this number is temporary and expires after 10 minutes, making it essential that you don't request a number before you're ready to go through the verification process.

Use a Virtual Credit Card To Increase Your Security

Even the most secure websites get hacked, and your credit card information becomes vulnerable. A virtual credit card number can eliminate the risk while utilizing your credit card. A virtual credit card number specifies the vendor, such as CS:GO Prime.

This type of card makes it easy to avoid overcharges by allowing you to set a limit to the amount the vendor can charge. While using a virtual credit card, the following personal information can't be viewed by CS:GO Prime or any other vendor:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Actual credit card number

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

You can rely on DoNotPay to help you mask your phone number and credit card information, but that 's not all. DoNotPay offers a host of services, including:

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