Learn How the Kmart Return Policy Works

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Understand How the Kmart Return Policy Works and Get Your Money Back

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Kmart Store Return Policy—What You Need To Know

To qualify for a return, you must fulfill certain requirements, such as:

  • You must return the item within 28 days of the initial purchase
  • The item in question must be unused and undamaged
  • The packaging must be undamaged
  • You need to provide a receipt with the product

The following items are non-returnable:

  • Gift cards
  • Makeup
  • Fragrances
  • Face masks
  • Products bought on clearance
  • Seasonal products
  • Loungerie

If you've decided to return your item to Kmart, you can do it in one of two ways:

  1. In store
  2. Via mail

In-Store Returns

Prior to returning an item, you must contact the Marketplace Seller. You can reach out to customer service online, via email, or over the phone. Once the store has accepted your request, you need to bring the item directly to the store. The product in question must be returned:

  • In as-new condition
  • In the original packaging and with all accompanying accessories
  • With the order invoice/receipt

Mail Returns

If you wish to return an item via mail, you must start the process online. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Visit the official Kmart website
  2. Login to your account
  3. Go to the order section
  4. Select the product you want to return

The store will initiate the return process for the product in question. To send the item back, you need to:

  1. Pack the product carefully and include all the documents it came with
  2. Place the shipping label that the store provided on the package
  3. Mail the package either to the store you bought the item at or to the one closest to you

In some cases, the store will send a courier to pick the item up.

Once you mail your item, you need to wait until the store receives your parcel and determines whether it meets all the criteria for the return. If it does, they will issue a refund or approve an exchange.

Kmart Refund Policy

The money will appear in your bank account within 5–7 days of Kmart issuing a refund. The store will keep you updated on the process on a regular basis. You might have to wait longer to get the money, depending on your bank.

Kmart Exchange Policy

If you are not happy with a certain item and you don’t want to request a refund but get the same item in a different size, color, or shape instead, you can exchange it. For the store to accept your item, you must not:

  • Miss the return deadline
  • Nullify warranty for home appliances
  • Wash clothes or change them in any way
  • Remove tags from the product
  • Lose the documents that came with the item (like the warranty leaflet)

Return a Kmart Item With DoNotPay’s Help

Kmart’s return process can be overcomplicated and tiring, but DoNotPay can help. With our easy-to-use Return My Purchase tool, you can initiate the return in a matter of minutes.

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All you have to do to start a return is:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Go to the Return My Purchase product page
  3. Answer a few questions and, if necessary, upload pictures.
  4. Submit the request

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