Learn How To Notarize a Document in NJ

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How To Notarize a Document in NJ—No Hassle

This article will help you understand how to notarize a document in NJ with minimal effort.

Having a notary signature on your document is virtually the only way you can get the document to be enforceable by law. Whether you’re dealing with wills or affidavits, you need to employ notary services to make them legitimate.

Since people have to go to a notary too often these days, online notaries have become increasingly more popular because they make the process more convenient.

Not all states in the U.S. recognize the practice of remote notarization—is New Jersey among them? If not, how can you get your document notarized in NJ? Find out in this article!

Can You Notarize a Document Online in New Jersey?

As of April 2020, the state of New Jersey allows notary publics and notarial officers to perform online notarial services, including:

This decision to allow the practice of online notarization was made due to the global health emergency and remains in force indefinitely.

The short answer to whether you can notarize a document in New Jersey online is that, currently, you can. You should be careful, though, to check whether this decision is active at whatever time you need your document notarized in NJ. The general opinion is that e-notarization is here to stay.

Notaries who own a mic and a webcam can connect with a signer online and notarize documents as long as they:

  • Record the appointment and keep the video for ten years
  • Note in writing that the service was performed using communication technology
  • Have evidence of the signer’s identity, such as a passport, a driver’s license, or a government-issued ID
  • Can guarantee and confirm that the document they notarized is the same as the document an individual signed

Where To Find a Notary Public in NJ

While it’s great news that you can now have your document notarized in NJ without leaving your house, there are some restrictions. Notaries public and notarial officers cannot notarize documents that are connected to family law matters or that were issued by the Uniform Commercial Code online. If you are dealing with these types of documents, you will have to:

  1. Locate a notary public
  2. Schedule an in-person meeting
  3. Go to the office with your document and identification evidence
  4. Sign the document in front of the notary
  5. Wait to have your document notarized
  6. Pay the fee

The process is cumbersome, to say the least.

If you are wondering where you can find a notary in NJ, check out this table:

Where To Find a Notary

State of New Jersey official websiteYou can do a quick search on the website to locate a notary near you
Shipping companiesMany shipping companies, including UPS, provide notary services to customers
Banks and other financial institutionsBanks also offer notary services in their branches. Wells Fargo and Bank of America are common examples. If you are a client of a bank that offers notarization services, you may be able to have your document notarized free of charge
Law offices and real estate companiesYou can find a notary public operating in a law office or a real estate company

How Does Online Notarization Work?

The majority of documents can be notarized online, and you should take advantage of that. Usually, when you need to officiate a document—by having it notarized—you need that signature urgently. Having to go to a notary public and complete the task in a traditional way costs you not only cash but also a great deal of time and patience.

Remote notarization is a convenient alternative for getting the job done quickly and without leaving the comfort of your house.

If you are curious about the online notarization process, here’s how it goes:

  1. You schedule an online appointment with a notary
  2. The notary sends you a link you can use to access the virtual room
  3. You present a scanned proof of your identity
  4. The notary may ask you additional questions to verify your identity, based on the information about you that’s available in databases
  5. The document that’s to be notarized is displayed on the screen
  6. You sign the document electronically
  7. The notary seals the document with their signature

The encrypted digital certificate that the notary applies to the document makes it impossible for anyone to alter the document in any way without those attempts being noticeable.

Is Online Notarization Cheaper Than In-Person Notarization?

You might have expected online notarization to cost less than an in-person one, but that would be incorrect. Notary costs are often higher when you notarize your documents online than when you do it in person.

This is why has designed a feature that helps you get your document notarized online without spending a fortune.

How To Notarize Documents in New Jersey Using DoNotPay

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