Faxing a PDF in a Few Simple Steps

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Is Faxing a PDF Possible? DoNotPay Knows the Answer

Faxing may sound like it belongs in the 80-s, but it is as popular as ever. Anyone who needs to send confidential medical or files should learn how to fax via fax machine or opt for online faxing.

Online fax apps and services offer the option to fax numerous document formats. If you want to know whether faxing a PDF is an option and how to go about it, DoNotPay has the answers!

Can You Fax a PDF File?

Yes, you can! Online faxing is especially beneficial for sending multiple document formats, such as Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, or scanned images. There are three ways of faxing a PDF file—by using a fax machine, fax software, or online fax provider.

How To Fax a PDF File

Different faxing tools use different methods of sending PDF files, as presented in the table below:

Method of Faxing a PDF Document


Fax machineAfter you connect the fax machine to your phone line, you need to:
  1. Print out the PDF file you wish to send
  2. Put the document in the feeder tray of your fax machine
  3. Dial the receiver’s fax number and hit Send

For a better resolution, you can send a PDF file from the computer to the fax machine

Faxing softwareOne way to fax your PDF file is by using faxing software, such as Windows Fax and Scan. The process goes like this:
  1. Attach a fax modem to your computer
  2. Fill out the information as if sending a regular email
  3. Upload or attach a PDF
  4. Hit Send
Online faxing serviceOnline faxing services allow you to send a PDF file via email or from your account. The process is similar:
  1. Open your email or your online fax service account
  2. Fill in the cover letter information (subject field if you are faxing via email)
  3. Enter the receiver’s online fax number in the To field (faxing via email requires you to add the company’s extension at the end)
  4. Attach the PDF file
  5. Click Send

Why Fax a PDF File Instead of Some Other Format?

A PDF file format has been widely used for over 20 years. It is the preferred document format for faxing. Here is a list of many advantages of faxing PDF files:

  • You can read them everywhere—Every operating system has some PDF reader. You can open your PDF file on a Mac by using Preview, and Adobe Reader will do the trick on a PC. Opening PDF files on smartphones is easy with the built-in preview software on iPhone or PDF reader app on Android
  • It is secure—Security is the reason businesses accepted PDF as their preferred document format. PDF files come with extra security measures, such as passwords and watermarks
  • PDF files are practical—It is still the only format that can easily incorporate text and images on a digital file. At the same time, PDF files don’t take up a lot of memory and are consistent across all devices
  • You can sign PDF documents easily—PDF format allows you to sign a document and fax it back. Many online services will allow you to e-sign a PDF document in a few clicks

Fax a PDF or Any Other File With DoNotPay

Unlike many other methods, DoNotPay will save you the time, money, and effort needed to fax your PDF file.

Fax machines are clunky and impractical. Online faxing companies may provide top-notch service but are way too expensive. DoNotPay guarantees a quick and safe transfer of your PDF files at a low price!

Here is what you can expect by accessing our app from your :

  • Fast upload of your PDF or any other file
  • Easy faxing from any digital device
  • Generous offer of sending up to 100 pages per month
  • Useful option to snap any photo, including that of your checks or bills, and fax it

DoNotPay has more in store! Our Online Fax product integrates with our tool for creating documents. That means that you can:

  1. Create a contract
  2. E-sign it
  3. Fax it to the recipient

How Does Faxing With DoNotPay Work?

DoNotPay makes faxing as simple as sending an email. You need to access our app from a and:

  1. Enter Fax in the search field
  2. Choose the option to send a fax
  3. Upload a file or take a photo of the file you wish to send
  4. Type in the fax number of the recipient

Once you hit Send, your fax will reach the recipient’s inbox before you know it. You’ll get a notification as soon as the fax is delivered.

DoNotPay Knows All About Faxing

If you want to know more about faxing, our learning center has many useful articles on the subject. You can discover how to:

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