Can You Fax at the Public Library?

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Can You Fax at the Public Library?

Even with emailing and messaging via numerous social networks, sometimes you have to send a document via fax. If you don’t need to fax often, you probably don’t want to spring for a fax machine that will later gather dust.

If you’re wondering whether you can fax at a public library, we’ve got the answer! We’ll also give you the scoop on different public places where you can fax and show you how to fax from your own home without a fax machine or a phone line.

Do Public Libraries Have Fax Machines?

Public libraries typically have fax machines, but they don’t always extend fax services to the public. You can check with your local library whether it has a fax machine for staff use only or it also allows customers to use it.

In case the public library offers fax services, you should ask about the details because not every library is the same.

How Do I Use the Public Library Fax Machine?

Usually, you can only send faxes at a library and not receive them. Sending faxes is allowed to local and toll-free numbers only. Some libraries have employees fax for you, while others offer self-service for customers.

If you don’t have a hard copy of the document you wish to send, you may be able to scan or print it out at the library.

As for pricing, you usually have to pay between $0.25 and $1 per faxed page. Some public libraries offer free faxing.

If it’s your first time using a fax machine, feel free to ask an employee to give you a hand or fax your document for you. Here’s how to fax from a fax machine:

  1. Check whether it’s plugged in and turned on
  2. Turn the confirmation page setting on, set up a fax heading, and choose the receiver mode
  3. Prepare your documents in the order you want them to be received
  4. Place the documents face-up in the feeder tray
  5. Enter the recipient’s fax number
  6. Press the button that says Fax or Send
  7. Check the confirmation message on the screen

Where Else Can I Fax Besides at the Library?

Many places, such as office supply stores, let people send and, sometimes, receive faxes. Check out an overview of different places where you can fax in the table below. Some details may vary depending on your location.



  • $1.79 to send one-page local fax and $1.59 per page for additional pages
  • $2.39 to send one-page long-distance fax and $2.19 per page for additional ones
  • $1 for a received fax

United Parcel Service (UPS)

  • $2 for a one-page local fax ($1 per additional page)
  • $2 to for a one-page long-distance fax ($1 per additional page)

Office Depot

  • $1 to $2 to send a one-page local fax ($1.50 per additional page)
  • $2.50 to send a one-page long-distance fax ($2 to $3 per additional page)


  • $1.89 to fax one page locally ($1.59 for each additional page)
  • $2.49 to fax one page nationally ($2.19 for each additional page)


  • $1 to $2 per page

Some other places you can visit and ask about their faxing services are:

  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Grocery stores
  • Travel agencies
  • AAA travel and auto clubs (if you’re a member, you might fax there for free)

Forget the Library Fax Services—Online Faxing Is Better

To fax over Wi-Fi, you don’t need a fax machine or a phone line. Another perk of faxing online is that you can do it from any device. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up for an online faxing service
  2. Obtain a fax number
  3. Start faxing

No Library Fax Machine Necessary When You Use DoNotPay

Why leave the house to fax when you can do it sitting in a chair from your phone, tablet, or laptop? Although around $1 per faxed page at the library seems cheap, it’s really not if you have to send faxes regularly.

Compared to other fax apps on the market, is by far the most affordable option, and it provides excellent faxing service. We offer 100 pages you can send via our Fax feature. If you don’t have time to upload a file, you can snap a photo and fax it quickly.

What’s more, our Fax feature is integrated with our Documents feature so that you can easily:

  1. Generate an agreement or contract
  2. E-sign it
  3. Fax it to the other party

Send Faxes Using DoNotPay

Here’s how to send faxes once you access our app from a :

  1. Type in Fax
  2. Select the Send a Fax option
  3. Upload a file or take a photo of the document you want to send
  4. Enter the receiving fax number

DoNotPay will send your fax on the spot. You’ll get a notification once the fax is delivered.

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