How Can I Fax With Skype?

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Is It Possible To Fax With Skype?

In the golden age of technology, when many apps and services are multifunctional, the question “Can I fax with Skype?” is a valid one. This article will answer it and break down different faxing options you may find useful.

Why Did People Stop Using Fax Machines?

Fax machines were an amazing invention in their time. While many businesses still use faxing, they opt for more convenient methods that don’t require an actual fax machine.

Faxing with a fax machine seems complicated now, and people choose different options because a fax machine:

  • Needs a phone line to work
  • Takes up a lot of room
  • Has connectivity issues
  • Doesn’t guarantee high-resolution faxes
  • Requires original or hard copies of documents
  • Costs you a lot of money in the long run (the machine itself, ink, paper, repairs, and replacement)

Fax Using Skype⁠—Yes or No?

If you google “fax with Skype,” you’ll find conflicting or confusing information, at best.

Skype officially doesn’t offer faxing services, so why do many people ask about it and believe it does? It’s because Skype uses VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol to make phone calls over the internet.

You can get an online number from Skype and answer incoming calls in the app. This feature leaves people wondering whether they can use the number to send faxes.

Faxing over VoIP is supposed to be possible, but it doesn’t always work. It would require a lot of adjusting and configuring the settings, and even then, successful faxing is not guaranteed.

Here’s how faxing with Skype would go:

  1. Connect the fax machine to the VoIP system
  2. Type in the recipient’s fax number
  3. Send a fax

How Do I Check Whether Skype Can Send a Fax?

If you give faxing with Skype a try, you should know how to test whether it works. Here are your options:

  • Send a fax to a friend or family member—Set up your fax machine with Skype and send a fax to someone to see whether they will receive it
  • Fax to a fax test number⁠—Various fax machine manufacturers provide test fax numbers you can send faxes to

How Do I Send a Fax to a Fax Test Number?

Check out how to send a fax to the HP and Canon fax test numbers:

Send a Fax to HPSend a Fax to Canon
  1. Prepare a one-page black and white document for faxing
  2. Type in 1-888-HPFaxme (1-888-473-2963) as the receiving fax number
  3. Add your fax number in the fax header so that HP can send you a confirmation
  4. Send your fax
  1. Program your fax number into your fax machine
  2. Enter 1‐855‐FX‐CANON (1‐855‐392‐2666) in the required field
  3. Send your test fax
  4. Wait a couple of minutes for Canon to send you your test page back as confirmation

How Does Online Faxing Work?

Since faxing over VoIP comes with a lot of trouble, why not opt for a better method⁠—online faxing? A fax service or app is a much simpler faxing option, and it doesn’t involve a phone line. It is available on different devices—a phone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer.

When you choose a fax service and sign up, you can:

  1. Email (e.g., Gmail or Outlook)
  2. Mobile app
  3. Desktop app
  4. Fax service website

Forget About Faxing via Skype⁠—Use DoNotPay!

Myriads of fax services are available to sign up for. While many of them help you send and receive faxes, they have a lot of shortcomings.

For some, it’s an outdated web page; for others, it’s the number of pages you can fax. What all of them have in common are the unnecessarily high prices.

If you want to send a few faxes, you may opt for fax services that offer free trials, but they may put a watermark over your faxes or have poor image quality. If you want to fax regularly, you’d need to cough up a lot of money.

Fortunately, DoNotPay is an affordable yet reliable option! With our app, you’ll be able to send 100 pages a month. If you don’t have time to scan a document or upload it, take a photo of your bill or check and fax it with ease.

Another advantage of faxing with DoNotPay is that we are so much more than a faxing service. We offer numerous features that come in handy on a daily basis. One of them is our Documents feature, which is compatible with the Fax feature. You can generate a contract, e-sign it, and fax it quickly.

Send Faxes With DoNotPay

You can use DoNotPay to send faxes by following these instructions:

  1. Access our app from a
  2. Enter Fax in the search bar
  3. Select the sending option
  4. Upload a file or take a photo of a document
  5. Type in the receiving fax number

We will send your fax right away, and you’ll get a notification once it’s delivered.

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