Why Is My MetroFax Not Working? — Here's How to Fix It!

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Why Is My MetroFax Not Working? — Here's How to Fix It!

MetroFax is one of those simple programs that should work perfectly without hassle - but doesn't. Instead, it's a lot more like an old fax machine with unavailable support staff and clinky, opaque, and often unusable features. Worst of all, however, is MetroFax's well-earned reputation for free trial fraud and theft through uncancellable accounts.

Now, you ask, “ Chances are, it's a setup error or compatibility issue. Will you get any assistance from MetroFax in making your paid online fax service work? Don't count on it. 100+ negative reviews regarding poor customer service do not bode well for assisted troubleshooting.

Fortunately, MetroFax is not your only (or most affordable) online faxing option. DoNotPay can help you figure out why MetroFax is not working, but we can also offer a more reliable, affordable, and customer-responsive solution.

What Is MetroFax?

MetroFax is an online fixing service that allows you to send and receive faxes through your email. This, in concept, is a very useful service when dealing with archaic offices like government or medical offices that still use faxing as a primary way to transmit paper documents.

MetroFax will give you a fax number or you can hook up your current fax number to start handling your faxes through your email. You can also, theoretically, upload faxes to the MetroFax website to send.

How Does MetroFax Work?

MetroFax, in theory, should be simple. You attach your documents to fax into an email, type your cover letter into the email content, and then send the email to the recipient's fax number.

  1. Make a new email.
  2. Address it to the recipient's fax number.
  3. Attach your documents to be faxed.
  4. Enter a cover letter as text in the email.
  5. Press send.

The process should be automatic. Your documents and cover content should then be processed into fax pages and sent to your destination. By setting up your account, you should also be receiving faxes sent to your assigned fax number to your connected email address.

Why Is Your MetroFax Not Working?

MetroFax, like the fax machine, is an old system. It was founded in 1997. That's 25 years of emailing faxes, almost since the dawn of email, itself. Like the fax machine it sought to replace, MetroFax has some compatibility issues. You may need a compatibility mode for modern operating systems. Your email server may have settings that MetroFax doesn't know how to deal with - or how to bypass so that faxes make it in or out.

Check your MetroFax settings to make sure they are properly configured with your email server. If you don't know the details of your email server, you may need to shoot a message to company IT to get the answers. Or you could try a program designed to work with systems made in this decade.

MetroFax Customer Support

MetroFax does not have an effective customer support team. While the website claims to offer live and responsive support, 100+ dismayed reviews attest that there is no customer support, and promises of refunds are usually false.

What Is the MetroFax Free Trial Scam? Why Are There So Many Complaints About MetroFax?

MetroFax is one of many businesses that offer a fraudulent free trial product. They have customers enter payment data for 14 days of free email-to-fax services. On the FAQ, they claim "If you are unsatisfied for any reason, cancel the account before the trial is over and be charged nothing."

However, canceling your MetroFax account is nearly impossible before or after the end of the free trial. MetroFax is pleased to continue billing every month without responding to customer service messages, becoming available on live chat, or following through with customer service promises to cancel or refund that is reached.

In this way, they have effectively taken thousands of dollars by fraud, forcing over 100 reported issues (and many without online reviews) of monthly theft. It is illegal for a service to make it impossible to cancel a regular payment.

If you are caught in the MetroFax subscription limbo, DoNotPay can help in five ways. We have products that already do what you need.

We can also help you send online faxes through a modern, reliable system.

How to Send Faxes Online With DoNotPay

When you ask yourself, “,” probably because it was released in 1997 and hasn't been a properly supported piece of software for years. If you need to send faxes online or a fax-to-email service, DoNotPay has modern tools that work like a dream. Why wrestle with clunky software, outdated email protocols, and a fraudulent billing system?

Sending faxes online through DoNotPay is easy and can be done from any online device. Here’s how to use the product:

  1. Upload the file or snap a photo.
  2. Enter the fax number you want to send it to.
  3. DoNotPay will automatically fax the file on your behalf and notify you with a confirmation once it's complete!

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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