How To Get a Fax Number

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Learn How To Get a Fax Number Easily

If you are wondering how to get a fax number, you may be thinking that you’ll have to keep using your fax machine. That is, thankfully, not the case. There are numerous options for using online fax nowadays, and we’ll tell you how to fax with the easiest and most affordable way—.

Why Are Fax Machines Problematic?

You probably associate fax machines with the previous century, and that's where they should stay. They are complicated to use and will block your phone line. You could get an additional phone number to use for your fax machine by contacting a telecommunications company, but do you really need to?

In times when people are striving to fax without a phone line, a fax machine is a good choice only if you are a fan of bad-image quality. Another issue is that data sent through analog lines can’t be encrypted—anyone who has access to your line can see the information you send or receive.

This doesn’t mean everything should go to emails—fax is still essential in certain business-related areas. That’s where online fax steps in.

How To Send Fax Online—How Does the Procedure Work?

If you decide to use the online fax option, you’ll first need to get a fax number from a fax service. Take a look at the table below and see how online fax works and why it is a better choice than a fax machine:

How Online Fax WorksBenefits of Online Fax
  1. Attach the document to an email
  2. Send everything to the recipient’s fax number (make sure to add the name of the faxing service after the number)
  3. Wait for the documents to get translated so that a fax machine can read them

The service will send everything across the phone line. The recipient’s fax machine will get the message, decode and print it out

  • Safer to send signed documents than with an email
  • Best choice for medical documents
  • Easy to use from your laptop
  • Fast, unlike regular mail

The best part about faxing is that instead of dying out, the technology is adapting to modern times. This is happening mainly because faxing is still necessary for some areas. We still need fax to transfer certain documents that are not suitable for emails.

A survey from 2017 done on around 1500 IT employees proved that faxing is still alive—as much as 89% of IT professionals still use this method of sending and receiving files. If you are among those who still use fax regularly, make your life easier and enjoy DoNotPay’s faxing services.

How To Get a Fax Number and Send Documents Easily With DoNotPay

DoNotPay is the easiest and fastest way of sending fax online. When you see how simple our procedure for sending important documents is, you won’t ever consider going back to using fax machines. Our feature is also a lot cheaper compared to other options available online, and that’s not where the benefits stop. Our app provides you with a fax number that will enable you to:

  • Pick between instant fax with the snap of a photo or normal upload of files
  • Send 100 pages per month
  • Fax automatically from your laptop or phone

If you use the photo snap option, you’ll be able to take photos of bills or checks. This makes paying without using a scanner easy!

DoNotPay’s Temporary Fax Number Helps You Save Time and Money

The entire procedure of sending a fax through DoNotPay’s feature contains three steps:

  1. Access DoNotPay from a
  2. Type in the fax number you want to send your document to
  3. Wait for DoNotPay to notify you that the file has been sent

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Once you try our feature, you won’t ever think about faxing any other way. DoNotPay can also tell you how long a fax takes to go through and if it is possible to fax over Wi-Fi.

How To Obtain a Fax Number and Send a Fax on Your Own

You can send a fax by yourself in a few ways. Here are your choices:

None of these options are as easy and efficient as DoNotPay.

You shouldn’t even consider the dated fax machine—it can only bring trouble. To use Microsoft Windows' Fax and Scan, you'll have to connect your laptop or PC to a phone line (hello ‘90s internet vibes).

The last option may sound inviting, but the issue is the price. You’ll have to cash out a lot to use a fax app service—up to $200 per year.

Don’t waste your time and money, and have your virtual assistant deal with everything.

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