Can I Send a Fax Online One Time Only?

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A Hassle-Free Way To Send a Fax Online One Time

Faxing is not a thing of the past. Everybody needs to fax from time to time, especially when sensitive documents are involved. Fortunately, you don’t have to use a fax machine—today’s array of online fax services make the process much safer and easier.

If you need to fax online one time, there are ways to do it without trouble. DoNotPay will teach you how to fax online regardless of how often you need this service.

How Can You Send a Fax Online?

Most people don’t have to fax regularly. When the situation calls for you to fax a document, you need to find a fast and simple solution. Today, online faxing services have replaced impractical fax machines. They offer numerous ways of faxing a document online, including:

  • Sending a fax via email
  • Downloading a mobile fax app
  • Using an account on a web-based fax company’s website

To send a fax online, you generally need to subscribe to one of the faxing services and get an online fax number.

You can send faxes by accessing the online faxing service’s website or via an email, attaching the document you wish to fax, and entering the recipient's fax number in the required field. Your file is encrypted during the transfer and safely stored in the recipient's inbox upon receipt.

Can You Send a One-Time Fax for Free?

If you have to send a fax just one time, you may think that subscribing to an online fax service is a waste of time and money. Many online faxing companies offer a free trial that you can use to fax sporadically. They all require you to perform a few simple steps, and the general procedure looks like this:

  1. Choose an online fax service
  2. Sign up for the company’s free account
  3. Find a section called Send a Fax or something similar
  4. Type in the recipient’s fax number in the To field
  5. Tap on the Add Text to type a short document description
  6. Click on Add a File button to attach the document
  7. Click on Send

Faxing a document via the company’s free trial offer may sound practical, but it does involve risks. Most individuals who tried faxing for free via any online faxing service complained about the low resolution, failure to deliver all documents, and the restricted number of pages you can fax.

If you want to ensure a quality service, you should skip faxing for free and consider other options.

Is There a Pay-as-You-Go Online Fax Service?

Another way to go is to use one of the pay-per-use faxing services. That option allows you to pay only for faxes that you send, instead of charging you a monthly fee. There are not many pay-as-you-go online fax services to choose from since that is not a profitable solution.

Before you decide on one of the pay-per-use online fax providers, take a look at some of their pros and cons:

Pay-per-Use Online Fax Services
  • Affordable
  • Practical for occasional users
  • Simple to use
  • They are often unreliable
  • You can fax a small number of pages a day
  • You can use a limited number of features
  • They have a low document resolution
  • You can send a limited number of file formats

It is difficult to assess which online fax company to use. Most of them offer a complete service only to monthly subscribers. Those that provide excellent quality are too pricey. If you want to avoid paying a hefty price but still have all the advantages of online faxing, turn to DoNotPay!

Why Choose DoNotPay’s Online Fax Feature?

DoNotPay provides an online fax service that everybody can afford! You can send faxes and enjoy amazing perks at a low cost. It is safe to assume you will be sending more faxes in the future, so subscribing to our app is a smart and practical decision. Take a look at some of the benefits we offer:

  • Snapping and faxing a photo
  • Uploading and faxing files with ease
  • Faxing from any digital device, including your PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone, or Android phone
  • Sending as many as 100 pages a month
  • Taking photos of your checks and bills to avoid scanning

If you need to send confidential documents, we can make the process super easy. Our fax feature can integrate with the documents feature and enable you to create, sign, and fax a document from one place!

Send Faxes With DoNotPay

Faxing with DoNotPay goes like this :

  1. Access our app from your
  2. Locate our Fax feature
  3. Select the Send a Fax option
  4. Upload a document or snap a photo
  5. Enter the receiving fax number in the required field

You will receive a notification from DoNotPay that the fax is on its way to the recipient!

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