How To Use the Email-to-Fax Gmail Feature

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Is It Possible To Use Email To Fax—Gmail Fax Explained

The use of email services for faxing is a big step forward compared to the features that standard fax machines offer. Email faxing has become increasingly popular in business circles, but people usually need detailed instructions on how to use the services of their email provider for this purpose.

If you have a Gmail account, why start using it instead of a faxing machine? Our guide will give you answers to all questions related to the email-to-fax Gmail service.

Not only can we explain how Gmail fax works—we can teach you how to get the best virtual fax number and fax even more quickly from your phone or laptop with DoNotPay. Find out why our services are better than any other fax app you may come across!

Can You Send a Fax From Gmail?

Gmail service allows all users to send and receive faxes. To activate this option, you need an online fax number and an active Gmail account.

How To Send a Fax Using Gmail

Here are the steps you should follow to fax using Gmail:

  1. Sign up for an online fax app of your choice and create a burner fax number
  2. Log in to your Gmail account
  3. Click on Compose
  4. Enter the destination fax number and fax company extension instead of the recipient’s email address
  5. Type the text of your message
  6. Attach the document(s) you wish to fax to the chosen number
  7. Click on Send to fax your files

Benefits and Drawbacks of Gmail Fax

Gmail fax has many benefits, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The following table shows the overview of its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Portable
  • Paperless
  • Solid document quality
  • Faster than faxing machines
  • Potential security issues
  • Limited storage capacity
  • More complicated preparation procedure—requires picking an online fax app and getting a burner fax number before you can use it
  • High costs—you will need to pay a monthly fee if you want to keep using your Gmail fax number since free trials are limited

DoNotPay Can Help You Send Faxes Safely

In the era of cyberattacks, exchanging confidential data and documentation via email isn’t the safest option. Gmail fax is more secure than traditional faxing procedures, but there’s always a risk of your faxes getting exposed.

To help you avoid complications, has created a special Online Fax feature that creates a safe virtual fax number for you! By using our app, you can send faxes to your business partners and various institutions securely.

Here’s what you get if you opt for faxing with DoNotPay:

  • Super affordable service
  • Quickest faxing procedure
  • Best image and document quality
  • Better and more efficient replacement for a faxing machine
  • Instant faxing option that lets you upload and send your documents directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Practical email integration—the perfect choice for handling all your faxes in one place

With DoNotPay’s guides, you can find out whether it’s possible to receive free faxes and which software to use, what the best free fax apps for Mac are, or whether you can send faxes over Wi-Fi or Google Voice.

What’s the Procedure for Sending Your Faxes With DoNotPay?

Unlike other services, which don’t allow more than ten or 20 faxes exchanged, we give you a chance to send up to 100 pages per month! Our app makes the process easy, effortless and most importantly, super-fast.

How To Send a Fax Using DoNotPay

All you need to start sending faxes with our help is an internet connection, your preferred device, and the particular file you want to fax.

To use our service, follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit DoNotPay in any
  2. Find the Online Fax feature by using the search field
  3. Upload the file you want to send from your device
  4. Enter the desired fax number

Once your fax is processed, we will send you a confirmation so you know you did everything right!

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