What Are the Uses of a Fax Machine?

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What Are the Common Uses of a Fax Machine? Why Do People Still Use It?

If you ever wondered whether people still use fax machines, you’re in the right place. It might seem surprising, but businesses still use these machines regularly. Even though you can now send a fax via phone, email, Windows, Google, fax apps, various apps for communication, and other forms of electronic file transfer, faxing still hasn’t gone out of style.

If you’re curious about the uses of a fax machine, we will help you learn everything there is to know!

What Is a Fax Machine Used For?

A fax machine contains a modem, printer, and scanner. These are all the parts that enable users to send and receive printed files in a matter of minutes. The popularity of fax machines grew exponentially at the time when people needed a faster alternative to snail mail.

Fax machines have another neat feature—confirmation receipts. After you fax your document, the machine will print out the confirmation receipt stating that your message was received by the other party. The confirmation receipt will also include:

  • Fax numbers of your and the recipient’s machine
  • The date and time of the transmission

The world still uses fax machines for sending and receiving:

  • Medical prescriptions
  • documents
  • Signed documents
  • Police reports
  • Contracts that need to be signed and sent quickly
  • Texts written in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese characters

Why Do People Still Use Fax Machines?

Many public sectors and industries—such as finance, government, and healthcare—still use faxes for sending important documents.

Some of the reasons fax machines aren’t a distant past are listed below:

  • Other companies use faxes—If your business partner uses fax machines in their everyday business transfers, you won’t have another choice but to join in
  • eFax became available—Faxing is now connected to the internet, which enables easy business transactions. Sending fax over Wi-Fi is convenient because it allows you to complete the task from a tablet, computer, or smartphone
  • Force of habit—Many systems, like law firms and police departments, use faxing because they are used to it. Even healthcare isn’t immune to faxing
  • Speed—Sending and receiving faxes is faster than using regular mail. Also, scanning and sending files over email could take you more time than faxing. In case you make a mistake while scanning, you’ll need to repeat the process. You can end up sending a wrong file
  • Sending signatures safely—Signatures sent through a fax phone line won’t go through the internet, which is why some view fax machines as a safer method
  • No anonymity—Faxes don’t have the element of anonymity. Whatever the situation, you’ll always get a confirmation receipt containing the number of the sender
  • Availability to people with no internet access—It might be hard to believe that someone has no access to the internet in the 21st century—surprisingly, 47% of the world doesn’t. Using mail or fax machines may be the only communication options for people who don’t have internet access

Why You Should Fax With DoNotPay

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How To Send a Fax Using DoNotPay

When you , type in Online Fax and follow the instructions to send the fax:

How To Send a FaxWhat the Feature Does
  1. Upload a file or snap a photo
  2. Type in the recipient’s fax number
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  • We will inform you once the process is completed

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DoNotPay has a useful feature that can help you create 15 documents that you can e-sign, notarize, and fax from one place! If you still haven’t created the document you wish to fax, check out how our app can help you generate a(n):

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