ExtraRide RV Extended Warranty Explained

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A Simple Guide to Filing an XtraRide RV Extended Warranty Claim

XtraRide Extended is a warranty covering repair costs for mechanical breakdowns on towable or motorized recreational vehicles (RV)—motor vehicles and trailers with accommodation space used for travel and camping. XtraRide is backed by Protective Asset Protection (PAP), a subsidiary of financial services company Protective Life Corporation.

What Is Included in the XtraRide RV Extended Warranty?

The coverage depends on the XtraRide RV Extended service contract. There are three different warranty plans:

  • XtraRide Motorhome Extended Service
  • XtraRide Platinum
  • XtraRide Travel Trailer or Towable Extended Service

Added benefits of the XtraRide RV Extended Warranty go beyond the industry standards. These include coverage for:

  • Concierge service
  • 24/7 RV technical support
  • Travel expenses
  • Food spoilage
  • Substitute vehicle rental
  • Flat tire repair and replacement
  • 24/7 towing and road service
  • Fuel and L.P. gas replacement, etc.

How To File an XtraRide RV Extended Warranty Claim on Your Own

See the table below for available options to file a claim for the XtraRide Extended Warranty.

Way of FilingAvailable
In PersonYes, at any licensed repair facility

Here are the necessary steps for submitting a warranty claim:

  1. Take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility unless your service contract requires you to take it to the issuing dealership
  2. Provide your service contract number and the toll-free phone number 866-493-0184 to the dealership or repair facility
  3. The dealership or the repair facility must call the toll-free number and obtain authorization from PAP before they perform any repairs
  4. If PAP greenlights the repairs, the dealership or repair facility will provide the customer with an estimate of necessary parts and labor cost
  5. The cost of the services rendered will be covered by PAP, excluding any deductibles
  6. If the insured individual doesn’t submit proof of repair within 90 days, the warranty claim and payment may be denied

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What Can I Do if My Warranty Claim Is Denied?

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