The Extended Auto Warranty from Costco

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Extended Auto Warranty Costco—How It Works

Costco Wholesale operates a chain of 785 stores in the United States, selling everything from jewelry to appliances, furniture, and books. Costco’s Auto Program for members sells:

  • New vehicles
  • Used cars
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • Trucks
  • Powersports products
  • Auto parts, services, and accessories

Does Costco Sell Extended Auto Warranties?

Costco does not sell extended car warranties. The vehicle you purchase from Costco via one of its dealers will have a warranty provided by the manufacturer or the dealer. If you want to add an extra warranty period, you’ll need to buy it from:

  • The manufacturer of your car
  • Your dealer
  • One of the third-party extended warranty providers

How To Buy a Car From Costco

You cannot buy a vehicle at Costco’s warehouses. The retailer sells cars through a chain of partner dealerships. Only Costco members can purchase a car through its Auto Program. The biggest advantage you get as a member is a lower price. You can start shopping for a car online or over the phone.


You can search for the nearest participating dealership on Costco’s website and make a visit to purchase your new vehicle. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Auto Program page on Costco’s website
  2. Select a specific vehicle you want to buy
  3. Click on Locate Dealer
  4. Enter your personal information, your Costco membership number, and your email address
  5. Click on Locate Dealer to submit your request

The nearest authorized dealer will contact you shortly to set up an appointment.

Over the Phone

If you prefer not to buy online, you can do the following:

  1. Call Costco Call Center at 1-800-755-2519
  2. Inquire about the nearest authorized dealer
  3. Contact the dealer to schedule a visit

How To File an Extended Auto Warranty Claim for a Car Purchased From Costco

The car you purchased through Costco’s Auto Program will be under the warranty of the manufacturer or the dealer. For more details about what the warranty covers, inquire with the dealership where you bought the car.

Warranty claiming procedure can vary depending on where you bought an extended warranty.

Warranty ProviderPossible To File Warranty Claim Directly?
Third-party providerYes

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We will send your claim to the warranty provider, and they should contact you directly with a follow-up.

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Similar to filing a warranty claim, DoNotPay submits your appeal automatically. Expect your warranty provider to reach out to you directly.

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