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Save Your Money by Applying for the Emory Application Fee Waiver

Emory University in Atlanta, GA, is a leading private research university in the U.S.

Besides having one of the nation’s most comprehensive academic health care systems, it is home to great liberal art colleges, graduate, and professional schools.

When applying to Emory University, you will have to pay a college application fee. Many find these charges unnecessary and over the line, considering the amount of money prospective students already have to pay for other college-related expenses like:

  • Test preparations
  • SAT and ACT exams
  • Travel costs when visiting university campuses

To help you avoid excessive college fees, DoNotPay developed the College Application Fee Waiver, and we are here to show you how to use it.

What Exactly Is a College Application Fee Waiver?

Most universities offer to waive their application fee for some students, usually those with financial difficulties. Most of the time, a fee waiver is a form that students have to fill out, either on their own or with the help of their schools’ counselors or other high school officials.

There are multiple fee waiver types, and they all revolve around the same goal—proving the student’s financial hardship.

Paying for one college application fee is doable, but why would someone apply for one college?

Assuming you are like most students, you are probably considering more options, even if they’re only safety schools. To apply for multiple colleges, you will have to set aside hundreds of dollars and make a noticeable dent in your college savings.

The Emory University Application Fee—Everything You Need To Know

To apply to Emory University, you will have to submit the following:

  • The Common Application or Coalition Application
  • Application fee or a fee waiver
  • Counselor’s recommendation
  • Two letters of recommendation from core academic teachers

The Emory University application fee is $75, and it is not refundable.

Do I Qualify for the Emory Fee Waiver?

Not everyone can qualify for fee waivers. The process can vary from one college to another, but the eligibility criteria are more or less the same. You are eligible for a college application fee waiver if you:

Veterans and active members of the U.S. Armed Forces can use the Armed Forces Fee Waiver when applying to Emory University.

How To Apply for the Emory University Fee Waiver on Your Own

To learn how to apply for the Emory fee waiver, consult the following table:

MethodCan I Use It To Apply for a Fee Waiver
College BoardYes
National College Fairs (NACAC)Yes
Coalition App/Common AppYes

How To Use the College Board or NACAC Fee Waivers to Waive the Emory University Application Fee

The College Board enables you to waive unlimited college fees automatically if you took the SAT exam with a fee waiver.

Whether you obtained the College Board fee waiver or you have a fee waiver from the NACAC, you should upload it via the applicant portal on the university’s website.

How To Apply for the Emory Fee Waiver Using the Common or Coalition App

The official website of Emory University states that they process all fee waiver requests online, through either Coalition or Common Application.

Here is how you can file an application fee waiver request using either of these apps:

  1. Click on the link leading you from the university’s website to the desired app
  2. Select Create the Account
  3. Go to the Profile section
  4. Answer questions about your financial situation
  5. Check if you are eligible for any of the programs that offer fee waivers
  6. Sign using an online signature maker

Your high school counselor must go through your request thoroughly and confirm if all of the information is correct.

The admission office does not require any additional documentation.

If you have any questions about the application fee waiver, you should contact them at admission@emory.edu.

Choose DoNotPay—The Easiest Option To Apply for the Emory University Fee Waiver

To ensure you did everything in your power to acquire the Emory application fee waiver, use the help of the most reliable AI assistant—DoNotPay.

We offer you an easier, simpler, and more reliable way to eliminate the Emory University application fee—the College Application Fee Waiver feature.

How Does Our Product Work?

When you’re applying for multiple universities, you have to check how they’re processing fee waivers since not all of them use the same methods or third-party apps.

All colleges and universities in the United States accept fee waiver requests submitted via DoNotPay, thanks to our extensive U.S. university database.

That enables you to file fee waiver requests for as many colleges as you want from one place, without having to check each website for instructions.

What Can We Do for You?

If you use our College Application Fee Waiver, we ensure that you get the necessary financial aid in the most effortless way. We make that happen by:

  • Filling out the form on your behalf
  • Taking care of the entire mailing process
  • Sending your request to your high school counselor if you choose that option
  • Mailing the completed fee waiver form directly to the financial aid office of the selected university

How To Use DoNotPay To Apply for the Emory Fee Waiver

After accessing DoNotPay from your , here’s what you should do:

  1. Open the College Application Fee Waiver
  2. Choose the type of fee you want to waive
  3. Select the college you are applying to
  4. Answer some questions about your financial situation
  5. Specify if you would like us to get your counselor’s signature

We will take care of the rest and notify you once the admission office reviews your request.

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