Everything You Need To Know About the Bed Bath and Beyond Return Policy

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An In-Depth Guide to the Bed Bath and Beyond Return Policy

Did you get a damaged item from Bed Bath & Beyond? Get all the return policy details and find out how to initiate a return request with Bed Bath & Beyond in this guide!

The Basics of the Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy

Bed Bath & Beyond allows you to return items up to 90 days after purchase. You need to provide a receipt to receive a full refund of the product’s price to the original payment method. You will receive merchandise credit for payments made using a gift card.

Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy Exceptions

Check out the Bed Bath & Beyond return policy exceptions:

  1. Electrics
  2. Registries
  3. Seasonal items
  4. Air mattresses
  5. Adult size mattresses
  6. Oversized and large items
  7. Smart home technology
  8. Baby, toddler, and maternity products

Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy—Electrics

You can return electrics within 60 days of purchase.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s Registry Return Policy

Return any unopened registry items for merchandise credit or exchange for another product of the same value within 365 days of purchase.

The standard return policy applies to opened registry items.

Seasonal Item Returns to Bed Bath & Beyond

You can exchange or return seasonal items—such as patio furniture, holiday decor, and grills—within 30 days of purchase.

Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy for Air Mattresses

Depending on whether you used the mattress, the following terms apply:

  • Unopened mattresses—Can be returned within 90 days of purchase
  • Opened mattresses—Can only be exchanged for a similar item within 60 days of purchase

The Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy for Adult Size Mattresses

The company has a comfort guarantee that allows a one-time mattress reselection if you’re not satisfied after 30 days of using the product. The mattress mustn’t be damaged or stained and needs to have all tags still attached for you to be eligible for reselection. Bed Bath & Beyond won’t refund the initial product delivery fee.

To schedule the reselection, contact customer support within 120 days of the purchase date at homedelivery@bedbath.com and provide proof of purchase.

After the reselection, the company will charge you a $99 processing and pickup fee, and the product won’t be eligible for any future returns or refunds. You will also receive a charge for the product price difference if you choose a higher-priced mattress.

Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy—Oversized and Large Items

You can only return truck delivery items if they are in the same condition as they were the day you received them. To schedule a return, email the company’s customer service at homedelivery@bedbath.com within 30 days of the delivery. Bed Bath & Beyond may apply shipping, re-stocking, or cancellation fees.

Bed Bath & Beyond—Smart Home Technology Returns

Smart home products have a 30-day return or exchange deadline.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s Return Policy for Baby, Toddler, and Maternity Products

You can return baby, toddler, and maternity products within 90 days of purchase if they meet the following criteria:

  • Clothing—Items must be unused and still have all the tags attached
  • Strollers and car seats—You need to bring the warranty and registration information and the original packaging
  • Breast pumps—The sealed packaging has to be intact
  • Seating and activity items—You must return the products in new and unused condition with the original packaging

Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable Bed Bath & Beyond Products and Services

You can’t return or get a refund for the following Bed Bath & Beyond products and services:

  • Gift cards
  • As-is items
  • Beyond deals
  • Spur experiences
  • Shipping, delivery, gift wrap, and assembly charges
  • Monogrammed, personalized, custom-made, and special-order items

Is a Bed Bath & Beyond Return Possible Without a Receipt?

Yes. If you’re returning a product you bought within the last year, Bed Bath & Beyond will try to find a record of it. To do so, a company's representative will look for the information associated with the payment method you used to buy the product, such as your credit or debit card number. If they fail to track down your receipt, you can still get merchandise credit or exchange your product as long as it’s unopened.

If you opt for the merchandise credit, its value will equal the item’s current selling price minus 20%. A staff member will ask you to show a government-issued photo ID to finish processing your return request.

How Can I Return My Items to Bed Bath & Beyond?

You can initiate the return of your items to Bed Bath & Beyond using one of the following methods:

  1. Online
  2. In store
  3. Delivery partner websites

Request a Bed Bath & Beyond Return Online

To return your item:

  1. Visit the Bed Bath & Beyond website
  2. Navigate to the Easy Returns page
  3. Click on the Start a Return button located under the Return Online text
  4. Answer all questions
  5. Print out the shipping label and stick it on your package
  6. Schedule a return date

Return Your Bed Bath & Beyond Products in Store

Visit your nearest Bed Bath & Beyond store and ask a staff member to initiate your return request. Provide proof of purchase and your government-issued photo ID.

For Store Pickup items, your proof of purchase will be the Ready for pickup notification.

How To Return Bed Bath & Beyond Items That I Bought Through Delivery Partner Websites

Your return initiation process depends on which partner website you used to buy the products:

  • Shipt—Contact Shipt customer support by emailing support@shipt.com, via app chat, or by dialing (205) 502-2500
  • Instacart—You can return your order within 90 days with your Instacart receipt. Bed Bath & Beyond will ask you for a government-issued ID and issue merchandise credit

Return Your Products to Bed Bath & Beyond With No Fuss Using DoNotPay

Returns shouldn’t be complicated and time-consuming. Avoid lengthy forms and return your products the easy way using DoNotPay!

Follow these steps to send a return request to Bed Bath & Beyond:

  1. Select the Item Return Request feature
  2. Provide answers and photos of your faulty purchase to our chatbot
  3. Click on Submit Request

We will send a letter to Bed Bath & Beyond on your behalf. It will include all your purchase information and a deadline to ensure the company processes the request as soon as possible.

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