A Guide to a Warranty Deed in Florida

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Everything You Should Know About the Warranty Deed in Florida

Are you interested in buying or selling real estate in Florida? You should keep in mind that transferring property can be complicated, take a lot of time, and require dealing with a lot of paperwork. If you want to protect your ownership rights, learn more about the Florida warranty deed.

What Is a Warranty Deed in Florida?

The Florida warranty deed is a type of deed that guarantees the current owner has a good title to the property. In a warranty deed, the person transferring the property grants several types of protection to the buyer when she or he receives the ownership rights.

The Florida law regulates all deeds, including the warranty deed. There are different types of deeds under the State of Florida’s law:

  • The fee simple deed
  • The warranty deed
  • The quitclaim deed

The warranty deed is the most comprehensive of all three types because it includes title guarantees that are not included in the fee simple and quitclaim deeds.

Why You Should Use a Florida Warranty Deed

If you are buying real estate in Florida, especially if you are getting a loan, using a warranty deed would be a smart move. That way, you make sure that there are no current issues with the property you’re buying.

Warranty deeds are especially useful when the seller and buyer are strangers since they offer the most protection for the buyer.

General Warranty Deed vs. Special Warranty Deed in Florida

If you decide to use the Florida warranty deed, you should inform yourself about two possible options before making a choice. Check out the types of warranty deeds and their features in the table below:

Warranty Deed TypeFeatures

General warranty deed

  • Refers to both current and previous owners
  • Enables you to check the history of the property and any previous issues
  • Provides most protection to buyers
  • Guarantees that the title does not have any unresolved issues currently

Special warranty deed

  • Covers the ownership of the seller
  • Guarantees that there were no title issues during the grantor’s ownership
  • Does not guarantee that previous owners had no title issues

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