Special Warranty Deed in Florida Explained

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Find Out About a Special Warranty Deed in Florida To Secure Your Home

If you are thinking of buying or selling real estate in Florida, you will need to take into account lots of different aspects. You will come across some topics that sound too for a person to grasp .

Some of the questions you will be asking is whether you need a general or special warranty deed, and what the difference is.

DoNotPay can help you understand the basics together with helping you claim a home, car, or any purchased item warranty.

What Is a Special Warranty Deed in Florida?

A special warranty deed might be required in Florida in real estate transactions and the property transfer. This deed protects the buyer as the seller guarantees that there have been no problems with the property during the seller’s ownership.

A special warranty deed is limited to the time of the seller’s ownership. It does not offer additional protection against potential claims or liens that might have happened before the seller purchased the property.

Statutory Warranty Deed vs. Special Warranty Deed in Florida

A statutory warranty deed is a short-form version of a general warranty deed, but both guarantee that the seller holds full and title to the property. The differences between a statutory warranty deed and a special warranty deed are as follows:

Statutory Warranty Deed Special Warranty Deed
  • It warrants the seller holds full and clear title to the property
  • The seller will compensate the buyer if any claims emerge against the title in the future
  • It is mostly used for residential real estate transactions
  • It warrants no claims were made against the title while the seller owned the property
  • The seller will compensate the buyer only for the claims made during the seller’s time of ownership if any claims emerge against the title in the future
  • It is mostly used for commercial real estate transactions

Special warranty deeds are generally used for three types of property transactions—estate, commercial property transactions, and foreclosure. If you are interested in Florida special warranty deed form and ways to prepare it, you can find clear instructions on the Deed Forms website.

Both a general warranty deed and a statutory warranty deed provide the best protection for the buyer as the buyer is obtaining ownership rights with no potential problems with the title.

DoNotPay Can Help You File Your Home Warranty Claim

DoNotPay can help you file your home warranty claim in a few clicks.

In case you are experiencing problems with your home systems or appliances, we can help you claim a home warranty. Here is what you can do:

  1. Access DoNotPay from any
  2. Choose the Claim Warranty feature
  3. Select Home Warranty
  4. Pick your home warranty, enter the warranty details, and describe what issues you are having with your home
  5. Click on the Submit My Claim button

We will create your home warranty claim and send it to your home warranty provider. They will get in touch with you in due time.

If you are thinking about changing your home warranty provider, check out home warranty reviews and the best U.S. home warranties.

We can also provide information on extended warranties for your used car and help you out when a dealer refuses to cancel your extended warranty.

DoNotPay Can Assist if Your Home Warranty Claim Gets Rejected!

Our AI-powered app can help in case your home warranty claim is denied. You should do the following:

  1. Visit DoNotPay from your
  2. Select the Claim Warranty feature
  3. Opt for Appeal a Denied Warranty Claim
  4. Pick your home warranty
  5. Provide details about your denied home warranty claim

After you have gone through these simple steps, we will file your appeal. Customer support of your home warranty provider will get hold of you at their earliest convenience.

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