How To Report a Missing Item With the Oakland Airport Lost and Found Office Effortlessly

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How To Reach the Oakland Airport Lost and Found Office Effortlessly

Have you realized you’ve left a phone, wallet, or any other cherished item somewhere at the Oakland Airport? Don’t despair—this happens to dozens of people passing through the airport daily.

Pinpointing the location of the missing item can be tiresome and challenging, but DoNotPay can help you simplify the reporting process! In this article, you will learn how to to contact the Oakland Airport Lost and Found office or any other department that may have your object.

Steps You Should Take if You Lose an Item at the Oakland Airport

Here’s the procedure you should follow if you leave a part of your belongings at the Oakland airport:

  1. Try to remember where you could have lost the item—The Oakland airport is large, which is why remembering the exact area where you may have dropped the item is essential. People usually unintentionally leave their belongings at the following locations:
    1. Aircraft
    2. Security checkpoints
    3. Airport terminals
    4. Curbside
    5. Airport parking lots
  2. Contact the department in charge of the specific area where you lost the item—Depending on the particular office you want to reach, you can do it by phone, email, or fill out an online report form
  3. Provide a thorough description of the lost object—This involves specifying the color and size of the item and mentioning specific marks it may have, such as the serial number or visible flaws

The procedure is exhausting and often involves waiting in a phone queue or speaking to multiple representatives. The department you have contacted will check if the object in question has been found and inform you about the outcome.

Useful Oakland Airport Contact Information

The following table contains the names and contact information of the offices you can reach out to if you lose something at the Oakland airport:

DepartmentContact Them if You Lost the Item At/InContact Details
Oakland International Airport Lost and Found
  • Airport terminals
  • Parking lots
  • Curbside
  • Phone number: (510) 563-3982
  • Email address:
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Lost and Found
  • Security checkpoints
  • Phone number: (510) 563-3629
  • Email address:
Specific air carriers
  • Aircraft
  • Ticket counter
  • Store
  • Gate
Phone numbers of airlines that operate at this airport:
  • Alaska Airlines: (510) 577-5812
  • American Airlines: (510) 563-3688
  • Allegiant: (510) 563-3809
  • Delta: (510) 383-4485
  • Hawaiian Airlines: (510) 563-3902
  • JetBlue: (510) 563-3681
  • Southwest Airlines: (510) 563-1000
  • Spirit Airlines: (510) 430-8357
  • Volaris: (510) 563-3872

How To Minimize Chances of Losing Something for Good at the Oakland Airport

Here are a few handy tips on how to prevent your items from getting lost at the airport forever:

  1. Mark your belongings by sticking tags on them where possible. Such distinctive features will enable the Lost and Found office representatives to locate your object more easily
  2. Avoid placing valuable items on the airplane seat
  3. Call the adequate department as soon as you notice that an object is missing. TSA and airport Lost and Found offices don’t keep lost items forever. If you don’t collect the object within the determined time frame, it will be deemed unreturnable, and you will lose it permanently

Avoid Waiting on Hold—Use DoNotPay To Contact the Airport

Whether you are trying to track a lost piece of luggage, a bag, or a smartphone, contacting all the offices that may have your item is too tiresome. DoNotPay can save you precious time and help you skip lengthy calls by getting in touch with the airport on your behalf.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Click on the Find Lost Airport Items product
  2. Complete a brief questionnaire with the essential details about
    1. Lost item
    2. Place you have potentially lost it

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